Who Packed Your Suitcase? A discussion w/ Dr. Sara

This is only part of my longer discussion with Dr. Sara, (she and her website are amazing by the way) but I feel this is so important that I had to post it in its incomplete form, the foundational idea must be heard, especially during this great time of change. We are all shifting whether you know it or not, and your shift may not look or feel the same as anyone else’s, we all have unique world views so we must have compassion for our fellow man.

As we “upgrade”, “upload”, “evolve” or “transform” it is all the same at the end of the day. We do not know what path a person has walked or will walk so just take care of your own energy – practice and generate loving kindness, it’s the only energetically polite thing to do.

We live life, yes, but we can control what vibration our life takes, law of attraction. I find her message crucial to anyone wanting to move forward with loving and joyful purpose. Happy shifting everyone! Nobody said it was easy, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be! Simple is accessible.
– I will be adding to this so please check in with us once in a while, thanks!

Dr. Sara is a gifted healer and teacher of energy medicine. She can actually see energy, which I would love to do but at this point I can only feel it and get visuals in my minds eye. But speaking to someone who can actually see it brings a new dimension to his or her unique perspective. I sat with Sara and here is a taste of our discussion.

Why do we not do what makes us happy?
Dr. Sara can see energy and she perceives that we all carry around a suitcase, our baggage literally. The question is…who packed your suitcase? Usually it’s our family or anything we perceive as an ‘authority’. To debunk your authority takes bravery. To do what you want can seem selfish but that’s far from the truth.
Sara has time and time again seen the adverse affects of being “happiness deprived”, which she says is a common problem. If you don’t do what gives you joy you end up in a negative habit pattern. Most of us need to relearn how to have happiness in our lives. One of the biggest challenges she says is learning to hold and accept your happiness once you connect with it.

How can we get happy?
Happiness is a morphanigenic field of infinite possibilities but you have to guide its creation. “You have to be the one to pack your suitcase” Sara said sweetly, I think she knew I needed to examine my suitcase. She suggests that we all take a look at what’s in our suitcase and how it got there. Then, unpack anything that makes you unhappy. Repack it with everything you do want. Put in happiness and harmony. Radiant circuits (our energy pathways of joy) like it when you do what makes you happy and they will keep fear and judgments at bay.