What Is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine is both a complement to traditional medical care and a complete self-care system. In energy medicine “energy” is the medicine. We use non-invasive electromagnetic frequencies to restore the energies that have become weak, disturbed, blocked or out of balance. The basic principles are that energy needs space to flow freely and through certain exercises and treatments you will be able to achieve a new freedom of energy and through that a new sense of well being and optimal health. The body is intelligent and will respond to any opportunity to attain radiant health and to be harmoniously connected to all our energy systems, we have many.

Long term conditions/patterns can cause bad energy habits to form and through energy medicine we can re-pattern that energy. Of course lifestyle changes will have to be made otherwise you’d slip back into the old negative habits and its consequences. So a big part of energy medicine is; how long can you hold the corrected energy? We are all so affected by the people and environments we surround ourselves with, as they are by ours.

We balances the body’s energies to relieve stress, overcome depression, increase energy and confidence, boost the immune system and increase your enthusiasm for life. She believes that by releasing what does not serve you, you will be able to achieve your greatest potential. Long distance healing can be very powerful, every Skype session leaves Tina in awe of the intelligence our bodies and energies have.

In Eden Energy Medicine we work with 9 basic energy systems = Meridians, Chakras, Aura, Radiant Circuits, Triple Warmer, Celtic weave, The 5-rhythms, The Electrics and the Basic Grid.

We also work with secondary energy systems such as the Lymphatic Reflex Points, Neurovasculars and Vortexes.

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