The Zip-Up

Zip-up Benefits:

  • Strengthens your central meridian
  • Grounding, centering and boosts confidence
  • Protecting against outside energies
  • Helps you feel less vulnerable to people and environments.

With Eden Energy Medicine you learn how to protect and support your energy and this is one of the best energy protection tools. Take the palm of your hand and place it on your pelvic bone and move it up in one continuous motion to your lips. You can use both hands if you want. Do this three times. Make an affirmation as you are zipping up, I am safe, I am loved, etc. On the third or fourth zip-up lock it up and throw away the key. Do anytime, anyplace.

It’s is important to zip-up the governing meridian as well because when you zip up both you create a connection between central and governing meridians that creates and energetic spine of sorts. Sort of like a hook up for the foundation of your entire energy system. You simply place your palm a bit lower than the bottom of your spine and trace it upwards as far as you can, then with intent and imagination pull up the energy until your hand can resume the trace, which is more than likely towards the top of your spine. You then continue to trace up and over your head and face until to get to your top lip, and your zipped up.