The Three Gratitude’s

When I spent time in different Asian countries I had the great fortune to go to many temples and I noticed they all had different “entry” methods but the most common seemed to be bowing three times during entry and before meditation and that stuck with me. As time went on my meditation practice evolved and I began to do this before I meditated – three bows – from head, to heart, to earth.

This evolved into what I now call The Three Gratitude’s. Take at least one deep slow breath in each position.

1. Hands in prayer position centered in front of your forehead, which touches your 6th or third eye chakra, and I thank the universe and all my loving source energies.

2. Hands in prayer position over the center of your chest, which is where your 4th or heart chakra sits, and I thank all the different parts of me and my guides because I see them as an extension of me.

3. Hands touching the floor or at least palms facing down towards the ground and I thank the earth.

I’ve done this repetitively for a couple of years now and it has become a practice in itself. If I do not have time to meditate I make sure I find time to do this 1-2 times a day in front of my alter or anyplace that feels sacred.

I can deeply feel each connection and feel the gratitude being sent back to me. It feels warm & sacred and sometimes super fun. I sometimes talk to the energies in each position and that never fails to bring a smile to my face that comes from the deepest part of myself.

I hope this brings you happy and beautiful deepening’s in everything you do and just remember NO RULES, make this your own.