The Power Of The Crossover

All of our bodies energy systems need to crossover in order to act and interact harmoniously and create optimal health and energy in our body on all levels – physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritually and of course energetically. This is the natural pattern of almost all our energies. Even right down to our DNA – which is a spiraling double helix crossing over and our right brain controls the left side of our body and right brain controls the left side – crossovers everywhere on every level of our being, even into our auric field – our body’s wisdom and need for crossovers is infinite!

When you are Homolateral it can stop all your other systems from operating in an optimal way so by making sure your energies are crossing over it allows your inner-physician to shine. I have listed various versions of how to incorporate crossovers into your life so scroll down. The goal of Eden Energy Medicine is to offer you as many alternative versions of any given self-care tool so that you can find just the right one for you!

If some of the self-care exercises on my site are not working for you try this exercise everyday or twice a day – sometimes our triple warmer will be on alert and this can cause you to be Homolateral thus hindering the harmonious interweaving of all your energy systems, which is how you can live a high vibration life where you are your healthiest self. So calm triple warmer and that will open up space for you to become a magnificent symphony of health, love and joy.

Much of this information is based on Eden Energy Medicine – if you are not familiar with it or her it’s a must! It’s the future of medicine and the future is now!

The Regular Cross Crawl

✴ Increases energy and helps if you chronic fatigue
✴ Enhances balance and co-ordination
✴ Balances right and left brain functioning allowing for optimum performance of your entire body and mind

How to:
Marching in place – or sitting, cross one hand to meet the opposite leg/knee. If you can it’s a good idea to let the arm crossing over to pass over your third eye as it moves to meet the knee on your opposite side. Do this as much as feels right to you but at least for about 30 seconds.

Homolateral Repatterning
Again feel free to watch our video version of this. Also see the how to from the source, our teacher and mentor Donna Eden.

I would do it this way all the time honestly. It can’t hurt and ordinary daily tasks can throw our energies into a Homolateral pattern (moving parallel) and that is just not what our energy wants or needs.
I would add that if you know you are Homolateral do this exercise at least 3-4 times a day. When I was severely Homolateral I had to do this every 30 minutes because my body would not “hold” the correct energy pattern.

Benefits: The Benefits Are For All Alternative Versions Too.
✴ Re-patterns your energy to crossover – the natural state our energy wants to flow
✴ Increases energy and helps if you chronic fatigue
✴ Helps you overcome depression
✴ In-creases your ability to heal
✴ Enhances balance and co-ordination
✴ Balances right and left brain functioning allowing for optimum 
performance of your entire body and mind

How to:
Standing up, you are going to “march” in place in two ways – the wrong way and then the right way. The wrong way is lifting the same leg and same arm. The right way is lifting one leg to meet the opposite hand. If you can it’s a good idea to let the arm crossing over to pass over your third eye, this deepens the correction. 
12 wrong/12 right, 12-wrong/12 rights and then 12-wrong/24 right. 
You double the correct crossover the last time because this is how you want your energy to stay.

If you are physically not able to do this standing up or if you can’t reach your knee to elbow, don’t worry, just do what you can. 
Do it sitting or lying down. Even the slightest intention of this movement will help, as will visualization. If you want to help a disabled friend, you can actually do this for another person by lifting her arms and legs for her and for anyone you cannot move / Paraplegics Donna Eden has great information.

Alternate Version #1
Using Figure-8’s.
Janie Chandler and Laurel Camden present in this video a fantastic way for anyone in who was in the military or for anyone who just doesn’t respond to the other corrections or if you want a quick and simple tool when you have limited time. I do it lying in bed sometimes and I can really feel my body responding!

It uses the power of the Figure-8 to create the crossover energy in our bodies. All you have to do is trace or lightly massage a figue-8 over your eyes. It doesn’t matter which way you go but you are creating horizontal 8’s over your eyes. Start in the middle / on your 3rd eye and then from there you choose which way feels most natural to you, moving lets say down below the right eye, moving to follow the outside of your eye to the top of your right eye and you land on your 3rd eye but you pass it by and continue to down under your left eye and again follow the outside of your eye to the top of the left eye and again you land on the 3rd eye and keep repeating this patterns, breathing deeply for at least 4-5 times.

Alternative version #1.1
Using Figure-8’s.
Dr. Melanie Smith has an incredible video of how to use figure-8’s to create crossovers in many powerful ways!

Alternative Version #2
Lacing the Nadis.
Stephanie Eldringhoff, Ph.D., first introduced me to this technique and I am aware that other modalities may teach this in a slightly different way – it’s all great stuff! Be on the lookout for a post only focusing on this – Stephanie has generiously given permission for us to reveal a sneak peek of her upcoming book so we will show Lacing the Nadis and it’s protocol in depth very soon!

I don’t have a video for this one but it is so simple, yet so powerful! The exciting news is I will soon be posting a chart of how to do this with a detailed explaination straight from the source Stephanie Eldringhoff, ph.D – Coming soon!

How too:
All you have to do is place your hands on the top of your head, palms crossing over each other and take a few slow deep breadths. Then you are going to cross-over or better worded weave all the way down your body and note in some positions your hand / harms will not be crossed over, remember you are weaving down your body. You really cannot do this wrong. I would use your intuition but as a guide take 2-3 deep breadths in each position.

Cross over to your temples
Then to your cheeks
Then to shoulders
Then to under your arm pits
Then to under your breasts
Then to the sides of your waist
Then to your hips
Then to the top or side of your upper thighs
Then to right above your knees, on the outer side of your legs
Then to between your knees
Then to the outer upper calf
Then to the inner angle
And then with your hands crossed over sweep them off your feet

Alternative version #3
The Hook Crossover.
This is a relatively new technique Donna Eden has presented and it’s super easy!

How to:
You put your left hand on your right shoulder and take a deep breadth and then with a very very firm touch pull with your fingers over your shoulder and slide your hand down your body diagonally / towards and down the entire left side of your body. Now you this on the opposite side the same way. Put your right hand over your left shoulder, deep breadth and then stringing pull your fingers over your left shoulder and let your hand slide down diagonally the right side of your body.
Always make sure to let your hands fully go from should to off the feet – it’s like you sweep it off your feet.
Do this a few times and you’re all set!

Maintain Your Healthy Crossover Energy Habit
Very firmly drag your fingers from your right shoulder to your left hip (or to left foot) and then drag fingers from left shoulder to right hip (or to right foot). You can do this in a very quick and flowing fashion…it can even look and feel like a dance.

For fun try using Poi Balls – they are a super fun way to fix and maintain your crossover energy.

What beautiful self-care tools to have to help yourself and others! Enjoy!