The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction tells us that energy, is attracted to like energy – and everything is energy. So whatever energy we are in vibration with is what we will attract into our lives. The world really is our mirror. Ultimately, we create our reality by drawing to us the types of people and situations – whether positive or negative – that are in our thoughts and energy. So unless we are aware of this Law of Attraction, we create our reality by default.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have to manifest what you want in your life. If you imagine your ideal self – see it, feel it, believe it – you will become it. By consciously focusing on positive visuals and thoughts of the things and/or situations you desire, you create them. See yourself shaking hands with people with after a successful deal or proposal, see yourself smiling, in love and in a loving embrace. Whatever it is you want ask, and you can never ask for too much! Affirm to yourself that you want these things, and when you do always say this or something better, because most of the time we do not wish enough for ourselves! In the spirit of this try the Pink Bubble visualization; it’s a powerful manifestation technique.

If you are a loving person you will receive love back. With this in mind, it is important that you take responsibility for your thoughts and actions and use them for good. Sounds a bit superhero-ish but it’s true. The more positive energy you give the more you will get. So send someone a positive intention, affirmation, visualization, a color or any positive thought. Do this not only for friends and family but for strangers, too. It feels good. If you’re not sure how or what to send someone, just think of love and send that. Generating love helps you and them on every level.

Fantastic way to use the Law of Attraction for Healing
An aspect to consider with the law of attraction is time and space. I believe time and space is an illusion and if you accept this (even for this one moment) it opens up endless possibilities for how you can attract more positive energy, even during tuff times. With this in mind think of yourself in the past during a rough time and send yourself love. I did this for the first time years ago in the shower and I immediately felt this blanket of warmth come over me and I realized I had just begun a “no time space” energy flow – meaning because I sent love to myself as a child and by doing this I created a new visualization practice and I could immediately feel my future self sending love to me now – very beautiful feeling– try it! It can’t hurt and in our studies along the way we found others do this as well – as Donna Eden says “I thought I invented this only to find out its been around for centuries”. We are intuitive beings and just one person rarely discovers a good idea or technique.

We are powerful beings and we can create anything – the only limitations are the ones we put on ourselves – free yourself – the law of attraction is here to work for you, use it!

How To Use The Law Of Attraction
I will be adding more details to this so check in with us in a bit☺ That said, it’s almost all in our book Color Energy.

1. Awareness of thoughts, words and actions – What are you in vibration with?
2. A clear vision of what you want or want to be – writing this down and reading it outloud can be powerful
3. Intention and Affirmations – a few ideas about this, including tapping…
4. Visualization and Journey’s – One of my favorites
5. Meditation
6. Visualization maps