The Joy of Creating Healing Products

As a healer and artist creating healing formulations is sacred, magical, radiant and joyful work. I want to empower every person to lovingly change the vibration of our planet – one person, and product, at a time. There is an energy transformation happening on our planet right now and we all need support in different ways. Knowing this is one of the reasons I began creating oil blends that will support people through this global shift, and through everyday life.

The creation of these products is approached multi-dimensionally – to honor all the many levels, aspects and needs of who you are. They support the interconnectedness that exists between all things – we are all one! When I am making products I have music on, all my energy tools, crystals and plants around me and my heart, and energy, is connected to Aluna (Mother Earth, Ocean Mama, Father Universe). Being in service to others and our world is important, it’s apart of the process. My intent is for these products to help you have a healthier and happier life…I want to connect you with the beauty within and around you, for you to feel and see your radiance. I probably use way too much of my own products but why not I say:)! They have become a trusted support system for me. They help my skin stay youthful and healthy and keep my energy systems harmoniously radiant. They keep me connected with Aluna, which keeps me balanced and happy in everyway.

Tony&Tina products are formulated to support, nourish and protect your entire energy system as well as your body from head to toe. Our products are infused with Energy Medicine, Reiki, Sound Therapy, the Radiance of Aluna and Positive Intentions to increase their intended effect. I take this part of products creation very seriously, it’s not an afterthought – it’s a key ingredient!

I keep in mind plant consciousness – many are now acknowledging the sentience of plants, some goverments like Ecuador and New Zealand have given nature rights as a sentient being and the indigenous tribes have been put in charge of their land. Learn more about Plant Conciousness and it’s intelligent network. With this in mind I make sure to give great honor, gratitude and love to every ingredient. Every part of each products creation is treated as a sacred act.

I use Crystals in almost all our products and it is important to mention I do so as ethically as I can. They are a healing life-force given to us from Mother Earth. They generate different frequencies that can then be programed to support our energy in many different ways. Through mindful intention the crystals I use benefit the products and the wearer. I use crystals, and all our ingredients, with honor and respect to earth, this is an important part of the creation process.

My intention is also to present you with lifestyle support to help you feel healthy, happy, loved and connected with nature. All of our products have the intent to support you through all your life shifts. Each product is linked to a Complementary Self-Care Exercise that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine with benefits you can feel.

This is all apart of a Mindful Self-Care Lifestyle. Self-care is a powerful tool empowering your inner healer to awaken. This gives you the power to shift your energy towards complete health, love and joy. With all my heart I hope to bring more health and happiness into your life – the positive global shift starts with us! We are all beings of love and light and everything is possible. There is a great awakening on our planet right now and everything we create is intended to support you during this time of transformation.

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Products Testimonials
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“Rewilding Aftershave has a clean earthy scent while being refreshing to the face. I choose to wear it even when I haven’t shaved. Post shave it is invigorating. It leaves the skin feeling clean but not dried out.” Shawn Allen, NJ

“I love Tony&Tina’s Energy Support and Coconut Bliss. What I really want to talk about is Lover’s Blend oil. I use this on my face and neck…and just a little on my hair. I just turned 44, and let me tell you, I’ve received so many compliments on my skin. Not only is the aromatherapy blend just lovely to inhale, it feels good on and absorbs quickly. And my skin looks great. I used to use a serum and a moisturizer. Now I just use this incredible (and much, much healthier) oil. Don’t be scared of putting oil on your face. It won’t give you acne. What it will give you is balance, and great looking, great smelling skin!” Brette Goldstein, NYC

“Emperor blend is my “get lucky” oil. I use it as cologne before I go out” David, NYC

“I never wore any other foundation than Tony & Tina’s Eye Base with Apple Seed Enzyme, please bring back your cosmetics! Thank G_d they are back! Now I am a superfan of the coconut bliss, empress blend, energy support and the aura sprays. Once again they are ahead of their time because Tina is a healer, a great one! I had a session with her so I know how powerful her work is and you can feel the positive energy and love she puts into it the products”
Michelle, CT

“After two weeks of using lovers blend as my nightly moisturizer everyone was asking me why I was glowing. My skin looks alive and clear. The aroma makes me feel confident and sexy!”
Karen, NYC

“Rewilding (aftershave) is the only thing that works, especially in wintertime. I shave and then spend the day on airplanes, in the dry air. The next day I must shave again over the irritated dry skin. When Rewilding is applied on the first day I have no problems, no razor burns or bumps and the smell makes me happy!”
David D., Cabin Manager, European Airline

“I use the Tony&Tina aura spray daily and the adrenal support oils when I am working 12-15 hour shifts at work. They save me” Caitlin Roche, NYC

“I use Tony & Tina’s coconut bliss or lovers blend on my body everyday. For my face I use the ylang ylang rosehip seed oil. Not only do the essential oils smell incredible, they have incredible healing properties for the body, mind & spirit. I love knowing that what I’m putting on my skin everyday has high vibration energy – and crystals! There are no chemicals, no fuss. It’s just pure skin gold. It’s the real deal.”
Ashley, Brooklyn, NY

“As an energy practitioner I am always looking for products that are made with integrity, quality and love and I have found that in Tony&Tina products. When I was first introduced to them I could feel the healing vibrations emanating from them. Then using them sealed the deal, I truly feel transformed when I wear them and I enthusiastically recommend them to all my clients!” – Brenda TX

“I use the Healthy Aura Spray all day long! I have one at home and one at the office. I feel like my meetings always go smoothly now that I spray my office beforehand. And I spray myself and my bed before sleep and since I have started doping this I am able to fall asleep very happily. The Healthy Aura Spray in Rose is a true gift!” J.H NYC

“I never put chemicals on my body and when I discovered that Tony&Tina were back in business making healing oils I can’t describe my happiness. I was always a fan of their therapeutic make-up but know I can’t live without these organic products, seriously.” Jane, CA

“I am a chakra practitioner and I know never have a session without using their Chakra Oils. My clients have been able to go deeper when I apply them to the chakra we are working on. On a personal note I believe my chakras maintain their balance and radiance because of these oils. I have never experienced anything like it, thank you Tina! F.B Portland

“I am convinced the Tony&Tina Energy Support saved me. I was exhausted all the time and once I began using this on my adrenal points I instantly felt a shift, then a week later I began to feel energized and a moth later I was back to working out! I can’t thank them enough for giving us this healing…tool…the word product doesn’t do it justice, it really is an energy tool.” D.C North Carolina

“I slather on the empress body oil from head to toe everyday, I die for it” – W.B NYC

“I am obsessed with the Coconut Bliss! I carry it with me wherever I go. It is truly blissful, thank you for making it!” – Jessica, NY

“I bought the aftershave for my husband who never takes care of his skin but he LOVES this Rewilding Aftershave and it’s a secret gift for me too because I love the way he smells now. I can’t get enough! – A.G Brooklyn

“I love, love, love everything! They were always a holistic company but now they have taken it to a whole new level #thankful!” – D.B CA