The Great Awakening

This is a time of great change and transformation on planet earth, and we are all feeling it. Many people are experiencing an emotional issue coming to the surface and this is because it is ready to be released. I have had clients, and friends openly talking about the dark night of the soul recently and I hear ya! When I go dark, I go dark…but there is always light and that is what I always walk toward. Our universe is amazing and there is a true yin / yang balance of energy – the dark and light. Just like in Star Wars we must use our life-force for good, we must walk toward the light when it is dark.

Many of us are feeling more sensitive and that is because our consciousness is raising its frequency, so attention to your 3rd eye is very helpful now – you want to keep it clear so that you can really use your intuition.

So a big awakening, what is it and what do we do? To me the awakening is feeling a sense of oneness with the world and acting accordingly based on that. I mean having all my thoughts, words and actions come from loving-kindness and feeling present and in that presence I am fully awake, fully alive!

We can do a few things to encourage the process…. but right up front I have to say the most important thing you must do is to be HONEST with yourself about yourself, and about the relationships and situations in your life. If you can’t be honest you can’t see where you can improve, and you can’t see any illusions you may have created and these illusions take up space and we need space to really awaken. Illusions are restricting and honesty is freeing. Being free, in everyway, is better, always. It allows for expansion in our lives.

Opening To The Awakening:
1. Open your crown chakra – a few ways to do this. Visualization is always fantastic and super easy! Clearing and balancing it is very effective! Do this by first using your left hand in a counter clockwise motion over your head and then with your right hand make a clockwise motion over your head (Important note: Men do the opposite of this, it is explained in the clearing and balancing link above) do this for as long as feels good, trust your intuition. Another helpful tool is the crown pull, which has many benefits but one of them is opening your crown chakra.
2. Affirm you are open – I like “I am an open channel to the love and light of the universe” But it’s important you use words that resonate with you so whatever words feel right to you, are right.
3. Keep your 3rd eye clear – use the same clearing and balancing as you did for the crown chakra. I also find it helpful to visualize windows on my 3rd eye (between your eyebrows) and I imagine these windows opening and all the clutter easily blows out the windows leaving this center clear and healthy. I always take a big instinctual breath when I do this visualization and it feels amazing.
4. Make sure all your energy systems are buzzing happily and harmoniously with each other and the world around you – you can achieve this with some Eden Energy Medicine basics like the three thumps (spleen, thymus and k27), Wayne Cook, Connecting Heaven & Earth, Crossovers, Celtic Weave and the Hook-Up and the Zip-Up.
5. Be aware of the signs. The universe / our guides / source send us messages all the time. Trust the gentle guidance that can come in any form, a passing conversation or an invitation to help a friend with a project and on that project you meet someone who perfectly complements something you need in your life. As The Fixx song says One Thing Leads To Another – so go for it! I linked the song because I like it and maybe you can dance around and have some fun with it. Fun, important!
6. Spend time in nature. Nature is so healing. It is wise and if you sit quietly with it for long enough it will begin to speak with you and you can of course discuss whatever you like but here I’m suggesting asking the earth to support you in feeling safe, grounded and protected enough to fully “open”. Side note: I had a great teaching from a tree once!
7. Know how to calm your triple warmer, our flight or fight response. Change can scare our energy so to be open you have to feel calm, safe and protected. During your journey of opening learn to stay in vibration with love and radiance, not fear. Also worth mentioning is that this awakening causes anger to come up sometimes from unreleased wounds so be mindful and let the easy triple warner exercise(s) support you, which you can find on the link above.
8. Get out of your comfort zone – this shakes you up a bit, which helps us awaken. Like a refreshing splash of cold-water let yourself see with new eyes.
9. One of my favorite teachers told me to always have the eyes and mind of a beginner. #Wisdom!
10. Make sure you are laughing and having fun – joy opens and balances our energies.

Actions That Support Your Awakening:
1. Be a kind and loving person. Simple.
2. Mindful eating – really look at what you put into your body. You are what you eat after all! A clean and flowing physical body helps the mind stay clear – you want to be awake with all your senses and sometimes when we focus on the spiritual we forget about the physical and vice versa – remember everything is connected.
3. Mindful environments at home and work. Look around and think how can I improve my home or workspace. Changing your external landscape supports the internal. Surround your self with things you love and things that represent the energy you want in your life.
4. Surround yourself with like-minded people – we all inspire each other!
5. Honestly look at your relationships to see if any are toxic and if they are cut them loose – energetically and literally if you can.
6. Meditate. It is almost a cure-all!
7. Tap into the collective energy – globally and universally. Most see those two things as the same thing and yes they are but I see it as a microcosm (our world) and macrocosm (the infinite universe, and multi-verses). We are consciously connected to everything when we are awake! Very often meditators will describe their state of mind of being like that – the sense of complete oneness, when everything else falls away and you are in blissful awe of the beauty that is life.
8. Be in the right vibration = law of attraction. Every Meme says it “Your vibe attracts your tribe” #Truth. Choose to awaken into love and radiance.

If You Are Not Feeling It:
1. Explore clearing your chakras – you may be holding onto an old story that is blocking your forward movement.
2. If you have had any traumas, most of us have, tune into yourself and see if you can find any part of you that has disconnected from yourself and life. You may want to see an energy healer for soul retrievals – I do this but so do many other wonderful energy healers. The goal is to be truly “whole” in who you are in every way. We need to be “whole” to awaken. When this happens for you it will more than likely bring your life-purpose into focus and that my friends is a real gift!
3. Explore whether you are isolated in any way. Many of us can go about life just thinking only of ourselves and what’s in our world / reality and this restricts us. We have to see “existence” in its entirety – everything is connected so if we put walls up, don’t see clearly or only think of ourselves we are cheating ourselves out of the wonder, awe and greatness that is “everything’. We are cheating ourselves from awakening and all the amazing things this will bring into our lives.
4. You have to enjoy everything! When you enjoy life the more your health improves so the more you enjoy everything the more health and happiness you will have. It’s all about connections (post on this coming soon). We need to be fully “connected” to ourselves and have all our energies connecting so we can be the best version of ourselves.

I fully believe everyone has a loving compassionate heart so during this time of awakening go out of your way to share your love and friendliness. Say please and thank you. Say, “Have a great day”. Smile at a stranger. Give a loved one a break if they are having a tuff time. Be kind to each other and be kind to yourself.