The Electrical Heart Hook-Up

The Electrics in Eden Energy Medicine is smart energy that connects with all the other systems in your body and it knows where healing is needed and goes directly there. There are two main electrical points on the back of the head – the two mounds at the base of the skull and these points can be held for you by a practioner in a formal session.

The Heart Electrical Kook-Up as I was taught – and I do caveat this with knowing there are always slight variations to many EEM modalities as they evolve but this in no way lessons the therapeutic affect of how I learnt this amazing technique. This is considered an electrical “quickie” but I have personally found it to last just as long as the “main modality” can – by using the main electrics on the back of the head.

You can do this “electrical quickie” to a loved one but I will be explaining this as a self-care exercise. You will essentially be hooking up your heart electrical system with your body in various ways. For detailed hand positions and a deeper explanation of the electrics check out the Eden Energy Medicine link. This is a great resource and I highly suggest reading it! I practice a more free form version.

1st – Find the main heart electrical point – this is on the left side of your chest. Straight up from the nipple and about 1 inch down from your shoulder – this will vary from person to person as all our bodies are different but using either a three finger notch (thumb, pointer and middle) feel around that area slowly and gently. You will feel a subtle pull and this is where your left hand / fingers hook into the heart electrical point.

2nd – Place your left hand lightly on the inside and just above your right pelvic hipbone.

This is your 1st position and you hold it until you feel heat begin to generate on both points and this indicates the electrical energy healing has begun.

After a time, again this is different for everyone and for you at different times, you will feel the heat in your right hand begin to lesson and now you can move your right hand to wherever your body needs healing – there is a step by step protocol for where to place the right hand but I do it free form and for this forum it simplifies it. During your self-care session it is very important you do not move the left finger notch from the heart electrical point – you can slightly adjust it if you feel you are not in the exact spot of course but do not let go. You will probably begin to literally feel like your fingers are electrically hooked in and this is great!

So now I usually move my right hand to my adrenals, one inch up and out from belly button and leave it there and let it heat up / hook up and then move on – I always place my right hand over my spleen on the left side of my body and I can feel it soaking up the healing heart energy – it’s amazing!

Trust your intuition and that your right hand will be drawn to where it need to be. You are directing this healing energy where to go but do not forget that this smart energy system will still spread and go where it is needed in a place where you cannot hold both points no worries the electrical energy will automatically go there and take care of you.

The electrical system can be very sensitive so when you feel you are wrapping up your self-care session tell your body “ok I am going to let go and disconnect in three or five breadths and you are save and loved”, use whatever words work for you but let your energy know that you are lovingly and gratefully about to let go.

As you let the three-finger notch release let your fingers now make figure-8’s over the heart electrical point so it feels loved and nourished.

I do this in bed all the time, sometimes when I watch TV and an hour can pass and all of the sudden I feel like wow what a great healing session I just gave myself and my body and energy feels loved, protected and taken care of – you deserve this and it’s so simple!

Any questions just email me. – Enjoy!