The Blow Out

Blow Out Benefits:

  • Releases anger and negativity
  • Releases any energies you have collected from people or your environment that you do not want
  • Creates space within you so that you have room in your body, and energy field, to accept positive loving energy.
Eden Energy Medicine teaches us that even a happy well balanced person can “fill up” with too much energy so this self-care exercise is an effective daily energy clearing.

Bend down and imagine your hands are pulling up all the energy you don’t want in your body. Inhale as you bring your hands upward and over your head into fists. Hold your breath and really tense up your body holding your fists tightly as if they are holding everything you want to let go of.

Then, with a forceful exhale and making a woaaahh or sshh sound, release your hands, and body, downward as if you are shaking off and throwing off the energy you do not want or need. Do this as many times as you like but 3-4 times usually does the trick. You can be specific like, “I am letting go of anger” or it can be general, “I am letting go of negative energy”.

With this exercise you can’t go wrong no matter what you are thinking.

Clearing space within us is very important for us to accept new amazing things into yourselves. We can become energetically full even by great happy things in our lives. We don’t want to get rid of that great energy but it’s helpful to clear space regardless so once in a while do a general clearing out blow out. Set the intention you are just clearing space, making room for new wonderful things!