Spleen Meridian Health

In Eden Energy Medicine the balance and strength of your spleen meridian is essential to your overall health and happiness.

Strengthen and Flushing Spleen Benefits:

  • Activates the metabolism of food, medication and thoughts
  • Increases energy
  • If you are under the weather it speeds recovery
  • Keeps the body functioning at its best
  • Helps you adapt to new situations
  • Clears stagnant energy

Tracing Spleen Meridian Forward to Strengthen It

Place your hands on the outside of your big toe and trace up the inside of your foot, the in-side of your leg, out at the hip, up the side of your torso, up to your armpit and down to the bottom of your ribcage.

Flush Spleen Meridian to Clear Blockages

First trace your spleen meridian backwards, so you begin at the bottom of the ribcage, up to your armpit, down the side of your body to your hip, in to the inside of your leg, down the leg, the inner foot and off the big toe. Do this once. Now trace your meridian forward, three times.