What is Visualization?
You can see something in your mind’s eye. It’s like a daydream. You’re telling yourself a great story about how your life is and as you’re imagining it; it feels real, just like when you get sucked into a good movie. If you want something, go through the details, imagine what it looks like, what you are wearing and see it all going the way you want it. If it’s a job you want, see yourself shaking hands in acceptance with the person hiring you. If it’s an aspect of yourself, see yourself smiling, happy and healthy. It’s best to close your eyes, take a deep breath and see what it is you want. See it, feel it, smell it – always see yourself being joyful and happy. Breathe it all in.

Visualization can be an actual visual and it can also be a feeling or a word said in your head. Don’t get caught up in “am I doing this right.” If it feels right, it is right for you. Some people feel they don’t visualize well, like they don’t actually see anything….try thinking about a painting you love or a movie scene that contains elements of what you want or, better yet, be your own director and paint the picture. For example, see a beautiful light surrounding your body and see it technicolor…trust your intuition and follow it… there is no right or wrong when it comes to visualization.

Good news…daydreaming is good for you! It’s just another form of visualization.

Law Of Attraction
Whatever energy we put out, we get back. Thoughts are energy. All energy is magnetic unto itself and this is why positive thought is crucial, what you think about is what you attract. The energy of your thoughts manifests into reality, so imagine your ideal self and you will become it. What you dream about, you will attract, so dream big. You can also check out the Law Of Attraction Post.

Successful Medical Procedures
Visualization has proven very useful in helping the body cope with surgery and in its recovery. Usually a psychologist or a healer will guide a person through what they are about to experience in a very detailed way the day before the surgery. After such a treatment the patient usually has less bleeding and physical stress during the surgery/procedure and has an easier and faster recovery.

This is a great way to create a tangible visualization. Take a large piece of paper at least 11 x 14 or buy a piece of white cardboard. Gather up your materials: photographs, magazines, scissors, felt-tip markers, a glue stick or rubber cement, paint, whatever. Look through magazines and cut out images of what you want to bring into your life. Cut out key words from headlines, too. Paste everything down. Draw or paint. Don’t hold back. Make this a pictorial collage of your wishes to come true.

One woman I met during a T&T road trip had made a success map years ago and recently discovered it in a dresser drawer. Every one of her images had manifested into her life. We both keep maps on the wall and look at it every morning and evening.

Enjoy the following audio visualizations.