The Triple Warmer

Also called the three burners in Chinese medicine, this is our primal survival system, it fights off illness in our bodies and is also known as our flight or fight response. Unfortunately it has not evolved along with the changes in our society. Keeping the triple warmer balanced is especially important because many aspects of our modern way of life are registered as invaders by our triple warmer causing it to fight. You know your triple warmer is overloaded if you can’t ever relax, even after meditation, or if you generally feel anxious all the time.

Because triple warmer is a survival function it can pull energy away from other systems leading to immune disorders, stress, chronic fatigue and many other uncomfortable emotions/actions. To keep an overactive triple warmer sedated is very important.

You can retrain your body how to react to foreign stimuli by smoothing your palms backward from your temples, behind your ears and down your shoulders. I find this easy to do anywhere, even the office. But by doing this at the moment you feel that foreign energy affect you, when you feel the anxiety, you will begin to tell your mind, “it’s ok don’t fall into alert mode.” You are reprogramming yourself.

And also it’s extremely important to have compassion for yourself. This will change the triple warmer habits. Intentions are everything.

Here are some great Eden Energy Medicine techniques. Most have video’s demonstrating them, links at bottom of page:

Triple Warmer Soothers

This is our fight or flight response system. Sedating it will reduce stress and anxi-ety. It perceives anything foreign as an invader it must fight against, for which it uses energy from other “non-essential” energy systems. It’s important to reprogram our Triple Warmer to not respond to certain things like chemicals, fear and even watching a violent TV show. Is deeply related to the strength of your spleen. Can become overactive if you are under too much pressure so sedating it is very important. The benefits to keeping it balanced are far too many to list here. Speak to me about it if you have questions.

The TW Smoothie
Place the palms of your hands on your temples and take a deep breath. Then, move both hands, palms down, around the ears, down the sides of your neck, onto your shoulders and hold. Take another deep breath, dig your fingers into your shoulders, drag across your shoulders and shake it off. Repeat three times. On the last time you can also end by tracing your hands down to your heart. Do this whenever you feel stress or fear.

Trace Triple Warmer Meridian backwards
With your right palm, trace from your left temple, around your ear, down your neck, a slight dip below the shoulder and follow top of your arm towards and off your ring finger. Repeat with left hand on right side.

Balancing triple warmer and spleen

This is one of the cornerstones of energy medicine. Because triple warmer is a survival system it can take energy from any other system, except the heart, in order to strengthen itself. The balance of these two radiant meridians will change your life.

Triple Warmer/Spleen Arm Hold
Place your right hand on the side of your body, under your armpit and the left hand just above your right elbow. It will look and feel as if you are just crossing your arms. You can sit like this for a few minutes and/or gently tap or push in with each hand.

Arm Rub
Rub the sides of your upper arms. Like your are hugging yourself but rubbing your upper arms in a gentle and loving way – and take some nice slow deep breadths as you do this.

Adrenal Care
This is crucial to anyone experiencing chronic stress. Learn how to care for your adrenals.

Check out our YouTube Chanel for lots of great self-care. For Triple Warmer help see Quick Stress relief, Soothing Your triple Warmer, and Holding Neurovasculars