The Spleen

The spleen metabolizes whatever you put into your body as well as emotions, through harmony. The spleen is both a meridian and a radiant circuit so tracing the meridian or thumping the spleens lymphatic point’s everyday is very important and should be incorporated into your daily routine as much as possible. The spleen meridian sits opposite to triple warmer on the meridian wheel, meaning it is one of the first places triple warmer takes energy from when it is on alert, which in our modern world is most of the time.

Thumping your spleen’s lymphatic points after eating is an especially good thing to do because it helps your body process the food efficiently. And it works on an emotional level as well – if I’m feeling out of sorts I begin to thump my spleen points to help move the emotions along and I get through whatever I’m feeling, faster. It helps you to adapt to new situations as well.

Here again we see the importance of thought. Optimism, smiling and laughter are key and signals to the triple warmer to be calm (as well as energizing the heart center). When you get to that space where everything feels right and you’re connected with everything or you feel a rush of joy. Tap it in! Being in this space consistently will eventually create a pattern of joy, one that sticks.

Eden Energy Medicine techniques to strengthen and balance the spleen:

Spleen Thump


  • Increases the metabolism of food, medications & emotions.
  • Increases energy
  • Releases toxins and aids any kind of autoimmune disorder.

Located: primary area – just below the breasts, where the breast meets the rib cage. Secondary area – about six inches down from your armpit, along the “bra line” With your thumb, index and middle finger (or knuckles – whatever feels right to you) deeply
thump these spots.

A note for the ladies – NO MORE UNDER WIRE BRAS! They stop the toxins in this area from flushing out. Cut them out you’ll still get great support.

Strengthen Spleen


  • Activates the metabolism of food, medication and thoughts
  • Increases energy
  • Keeps the body functioning at its best

Trace spleen meridian
Place your hands on the outside of your big toe and trace up the inside of your foot, the in-side of your leg, out at the hip, up the side of your torso, up to your armpit and down to the bottom of your ribcage.

Flush Spleen Meridian
First trace your spleen meridian backwards, so you begin at the bottom of the ribcage, up to your armpit, down the side of your body to your hip, in to the inside of your leg, down the leg, the inner foot and off the big toe. Do this once. Now trace your meridian forward, three times.