The Electrics

The electrics are an independent energy system with an electrical charge that begins in our cells at conception. It is an amazing and powerful transmitter of energy and healing force in our bodies. The heart meridian is the biggest electrical system in our body and the electrics are considered a subsystem of the heart itself. It sits between electromagnetic forces, subtle forces and the physical experience of electricity.

This is a very smart energy system and once activated will go wherever your body needs it.

Having your main electrics done, which are at the back of your head is really great to have done by an energy medicine practitioner but that said there is a fantastic way to activate this healing energy on your own – it’s all about self-care.

A great Eden Energy medicine technique:

The Heart Electrical Hook-up
Lie down comfortably, take some deep breadths and tune into your energy being.

Version one:
Below your left shoulder and above the nipple area is the electrical heart hook-up point. Every body is different but we have found that about an inch or inch and a half down from the collar bone – in line with your nipple – is where you will find it. Trust your instincts and take your time feeling around and you will probably instinctually feel a slight pull into the point. Use your thumb, index and middle fingers to “plug in” to this point. Use the three-finger notch with your left hand and plug in. Then with your right hand lay it flat on the inner hip area. Sit in this position for 5-10 minutes and you should begin to feel heat beneath your fingers and hands, this lets you know you have activated the heart electrical system. After a time you will feel your right hand begin to cool down or you will just instinctually know you are “juiced’ in the area and can now move your right hand to another spot. Keep your left hand, the three-finger notch, plugged into your electrical heart point as you move your right hand to wherever the energy draws you. Common places are the adrenal area, below the navel and under and in-between the breasts. While keeping your left fingers plugged in and moving your right hand to other areas you are directing this intelligent electrical energy to go where you need it. Stick with it as long as it feels comfortable. Sometimes it can take a while honestly because each new area you move your right hand too needs time to heat up / activate and then cool down – but again trust your own instincts. And if you only have time for the basic heart / inner hip area hook-up that is fine and you will benefit.

Version two:
You will have to lie on your side for this one – or whatever is comfortable for you. Using the same three-finger notch with your left hand on your heart electrical point you now move your right hand and lay it on your back as if it is sitting directly behind your belly button. This is called the Ming Men point and it believed to be a key source of your life-force energy. Hold for as long as it feels comfortable. This version will help you to re-energize your entire energy and again the electrical system is smart and can be in many places at once so even though you are only holding this one point the healing energy goes where it is needed.

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