The Aura

The auric field is our two-way filter and communicator between ourselves the world around us. It protects us from negative outside factors and helps to filter out blockages and clutter from our energy. It is essential for our survival. The size and shape of our aura can change depending on your overall energy level and health, as well as outside environmental factors. When it’s big, strong and beautifully weaved together we feel great, when it’s not, depression is common. It is an extension of and connects all of your different energies and has a non-physical crossover pattern, which is one of the reasons why figure-8’s are so great for your energy. It’s in our non-physical body that most of our “imbalances” begin and if you can spot it early enough you can stop an oncoming illness by correcting the auric field. You can even learn to see it, located at the bottom of this page.

This energy/aura is a luminous frequency, a field of light that interacts with our environment. Dr. Hunt who conducted the Rolf study was the first to scientifically document the human energy field, or auric field but today their are many practitioners. The study also revealed that this large electromagnetic energy field is in fact generated by smaller internal vortexes of energy. The vortexes or Chakras are the primary source of the human aura. Besides the Rolf study other scientists at this time were coming to the conclusion that the mind isn’t the brain, but really it’s an energy field in and around the body thus implying that who we are exists outside our physical body. Techniques such as Kirlian photography and biofeedback also pointed to the electromagnetic fields existence.

This electromagnetic field emanates from all matter. Anything that has an atomic structure will have an aura; an energy field that surrounds it. Every atom of every substance is comprised of neutrons and protons that are in constant movement. Tiny negatively charged particles called electrons revolve around the nucleus of the atom just like the planets revolve around the sun. Even our planet has an Auric field!

Your auric field greatly affected by color, aroma and positive thought. Many of the remedies described on this website are beneficial to your auric field. The strength of our auric field reflects our overall health and effectiveness in leading happy, healthy, successful and positive lives.

The aura and changes reflecting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the individual. Weak auras let outside forces more easily effect you; you also get tired easily and usually you will have boundary issues. The strength of our auric field is reflected in our overall health and our effectiveness in leading happy, healthy, successful and positive lives.

Things that weaken the auric field: Drugs and alcohol, stress, negative thought patterns, a poor diet.

Things that strengthen the auric field: Exposure to nature, sunshine, exercise, meditation, positive visualization, Vibrational Remedies.

There are many ways to increase the health of your Auric field, here are a few ways:

Bath In Baking Soda
It helps to clear and balance your field. It can also help to close any leaks or tears in your field to that your Auric Field is healthy and strong. Our Energy Balancing Bath has it and will transform your energy.

For a Healthy Aura see it demonstrated in our video or read it here.

Auric Field Expander / Roll-ups


  • Increases the size and strength of your auric field. This helps you feel more secure physically and mentally. Protects you from outside energies and helps you to filter out what you don’t need.

Roll-ups: Start by standing flat on your feet, knees bent and palms resting
on the top of your thighs. Take a deep breath. Now, bending at the waist use your hands to “scoop” energy toward your body. By rolling your hands over each other as you raise them from the floor to above your head. Once above your head, let your hands “shimmy” the energy over your back and down your sides, as if you are taking the energy you just scooped up and helping it cascade down your body. You can do this anywhere but you get extra benefits by doing it in nature. Try taking a round “light catcher” and spinning it from your body outward, this draws your auric field outward through light. Spinning a light catcher all around your body is just great for your auric field. It brings in healing light.

Auric Field Connector


  • Connects the auric field to your body which increases your protection against outside energies that will help you feel mentally and physically stronger and stable.

Waive hands towards your body as if pushing the air into yourself. Finish by resting your hand over the center of your chest and make figure-8’s for a few breadths. This is where our auric field has it’s main connector to our bodies.Make figure-8’s over your heart. You can also spin a crystal towards your body. Just stretch out your hand as are as it will go and if your auric field expands beyond your arms reach use your intention to imagine the crystal is out that far and slowly bring it back towards you – the spinning light catchers are fantastic for this!

The 12 Hearts greatly support the Auric Field.

Seeing Auric Fields
Have you ever experienced the auric field?
Have you ever felt when someone was starring at you?
Have you ever had an instant like or dislike for someone?
Do you ever feel really drained after talking to a particular person, or energized?
Do you associate certain colors with certain people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you have.

A few more key points about the Aura
We all have unique auras, like fingerprints and inevitably your aura will interact with auric fields of others and when we do the longer and more intimate the contact the greater the energy exchange will be. We all have experienced feeling others but cancel it out as just an irrelevant feeling but in reality it is our sensory perception and we can all develop it or reawaken it, depending on your point of view. People think you have to be a mystic, healer or gifted in some other way but that is not the truth, we can all learn to see and experience the aura. No magic involved, just practice. Actually, children can see auras and usually ask parents’ questions like ‘why is Sara green’ and parents toss it off to ‘children being children’ and unfortunately the lack of parental support coupled with societies disposition of disbelief turn off the childs innate abilities.

The best conditions for seeing the aura physically vary depending on whom you ask but here are some of what we think are the best ways.

  1. Go into an open space in nature and focus on a plant, tree or nearby landscape, relax, choose a spot to focus on but let your vision be out of focus, like in a daydream. Allow yourself to see a subtle haze around the plant. Spring is the best time because the life force is very strong due to new growth. Eventually with practice this subtle haze will become a distinct field of light.
  2. You can also go into a dimly lit room, where subtle lights can stick out. Your rods and cones are force to work harder. Its best to direct your concentration to your hand, see the thin line surrounding each finger.
  3. You can go into a very bright surrounding allowing the light spectrum to flow freely, the bright light excite the cones and then can see higher intensities and subtle energy colors.
  4. We cannot discount our inner “knowing”, people can see it in different ways such as intuition, scanning and even through sound or smell for some. It’s subtle energy and we all perceive that in different ways.