Radiant Circuits

They are our joy pathways. They are the only thing triple warmer trusts besides itself, to take care of things, so they are crucial in calming triple warmer and maintaining happiness and enthusiasm. They are intelligent, helpful and want to be activated. They do not follow any set pathway, although there are general guidelines. If you are stuck in a negative pattern or chronic depression or if you find healing techniques won’t hold, your radiant circuits may have become submerged or dormant. But, as said before, they want to be activated and a little goes a long way. They link all the bodies’ energy systems and can “jump” from one energy system to another – they go where needed. They are also called strange flows, extraordinary vessels, psychic channels and collector meridians. They are the bridge between thought and action. The hook-up is a great Eden exercise to activate radiant circuits. It also hooks up your Governing and Central Meridians.

Here are a couple of super easy Eden Energy Medicine techniques to activate your radiance:

Twelve Hearts


  • Activates your radiant circuits – your pathways of joy. These pathways can send healing to wherever it is needed so it is gr eat to do anytime, for anything
  • Helps overcome depression and grief
  • Connects you to others and yourself
  • Helps you to integrate and process experiences
  • Calms Triple Warmer

With your hands trace the shape of a heart around your face, from top of head to chin. Re-peat three times. Trace a heart from your neck to your hip. Repeat three times. Trace a heart over pelvic area and then over your entire body – from top of head to feet. Repeat three times. There are so many ways you can incorperate hearts into your energy, check out the 12 Heart Post.

Kiss Yourself
Kiss your inner and outer wrists. There are important energy points here called Source Points and the ones on the center of your inner and outer wrist greatly respond to kissing and even tracing figure-8’s. Because two of the points you are kissing, Triple Warmer (outer wrist) and Circulation Sex (inner wrist), are directly related to decreasing stress you encourage your radiant circuits to activate.

Truth is any self-soothing behavior like kissing and hugging yourself, rubbing the sides of your arms and even stroking your nose gently will inform your body it is loved and being cared for and this activates the pathways of joy in your body.

Hug Yourself
This is such a great self-soothing behavior! Hug yourself and tell yourself how much you are loved, what a great job you are doing and that everything is OK. So simple, so powerful.

We recommend checking out a couple other of things we have to offer:

  1. Our Heaven Rushing In video. A fantastic Eden Energy Medcine technique!
  2. A brief discussion with Dr. Sara about happiness.
  3. Some thoughts about being in the right vibration. This can be helpful in every area of your life.
  4. This visualization is helpful to encourage your Radiant Circuits to activate.
  5. We have always found that being grateful makes us happy, which attracts more happiness of course:) This meditation can help guide you, and is great to do with friends!
  6. Grounding is good for so many things but one specific technque I find makes me happy every time I do it. Read #2 from the Grounding post.

Self-Soothing Behaviors
Any self-soothing behavior will activate your radiant circuits such as petting your noise – you see children doing this instinctually. Also sucking your thumb – it may sound weird but it’s comforting to our energy and also hooks us up, link above.

Laughing and smiling is a fantastic way to activate your pathways of joy! And if you are not feeling it smile anyway because when we smile it sends a signal to our brain to turn on our joy pathways. Here again we see the power of positive thought, intention is everything!

This may seem a bit personal but masturbation is a very effective way to self-sooth.

Hope it’s helpful!