Neurovascular Points

These are reflex points that foster communication between the meridians and the nervous system and can be used to reprogram our emotional and mental responses to stress and trauma. These are great points to use for any emotional issues. You can hold certain points while remembering certain traumatic / stressful situations and this will train the body to bring blood back to the forebrain (as opposed to the stressor being harbored in the more primal parts of out brain that cause negative reactions). This will release a locked in stress.

An effective Energy Medicine technique is:

Holding Your Main Neurovasculars

  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Balances and processes emotions

These are the reflex points between the meridian and nervous system and can be used to reprogram our emotional responses to stress and trauma. The longer you hold the points the more the stress will fade. By recounting the stressor while holding the main neurovascular points you also will change your emotional habits or responses – you can re-train the mind to not react stressfully to the situation.

Place the palms of your hands gently on your forehead so that the tips of your fingers are touching and the base of your palm lays over your temples. Keep your hands here until you feel better. You can do this for your-self anywhere but it’s nice to lie down and use pillows to hold up your elbows.

It’s also very nice to do this for someone else. Trust your instincts and let your hands gently hold wherever they feel drawn to.

We recommend you check out our sister site, Cristina’s Energy Center for a demonstration of how to hold your main neurovascular points.

Other ways to hold your points for stress relief

  1. Holding the forehead and back of head at the same time.
  2. Holding the sides of your head – from temple to sides of head. Fingers pointed toward back of head.
  3. Holding the top of head and either front, or back, at same time.
  4. Follow the energy – let your hands find where they want to go, trust!

You can check out my relaxing Self-Care Moment using the main Neurovasculars.