Mayan Happiness Journey’s

This is the journey of a lifetime to Guatemala!

Myself and Shaman Tata Julio have create a hands-on, experiential, transformational journey of healing, culture and self-discovery. We will guide and empower you to find a deeper life-purpose, by releasing and transforming old wounds and habit patterns. This unique journey takes you to sacred Mayan sites where you will participate in ancient healing ceremonies with local Mayan Shaman (tatas). To complement the ancient wisdoms of indigenous people you will learn important self-care techniques to keep you in vibration with your life’s goals.

This journey will immerse you into the indigenous culture with hands on experiences. You will have the opportunity to receive Mayan Seed readings, Mayan Sign Readings, Cosmo-Journey’s, Steam Baths and Energy Medicine sessions. Also available are Environmental and Ecological Awareness experiences and cultural education.

We will guide you to discover your path to deep heart happiness and you will broaden your view of life’s limitless possibilities.

Indigenous Happiness Journey Empowers You To:

  • Co-Create with Patchamama (mother earth, father universe) to create deep and lasting happiness
  • Use your energy medicine tool bag for powerful self-care techniques
  • Develop a deep relationship to earth energies and how they can heal you
  • Learn directly from Shaman and Indigenous Leaders to learn ancient wisdoms and receive healing
  • Learn powerful Shamanic techniques to transform your life
  • Use and trust your inner wisdom
  • Deepen all your relationships to be more authentic, loving and healthy
  • Learn how to shapeshift your passion into success and prosperity
  • Transform the world around you through your higher consciousness and energy
  • Unlock your creativity
  • Empower your role in transforming our world into a loving self-sustaining place

Our first trip will be in 2017, Space will be limited, so start planning & saving now! Contact me for more details.