Lymphatic Reflex Points

These are points in our body that stimulate the removal of toxins in our bodies. The lymphatic system does not have it’s own pump so to say so we have to make sure this system does not become clogged. You know when a lymphatic point is clogged when you feel soreness in that area. Once identified you want to massage or tap the point with a very hard touch in order to bring movement to that area. These points are related to and affect the meridians they are associated with it.

Lymphatic Massage


  • Gets the Lymph system going, it doesn’t have its
    own pump so it needs to be massaged, thumped
    and/or activated through exercise
  • Clears toxins
  • Balances the organ associated with the lymphatic
    reflex point

On Your Own:
Firmly massage all over your body, all around and under your chest, stomach, legs, feet and hands. If it is tender you know you need to give that area attention. Don’t worry about finding the exact spot, wherever it is tender you need it. If you are new to this don’t over-do it and if you feel nauseous know that is because you have released toxins and stop for the time being. And, drink lots of water to wash the toxins away.

With a Partner:
The Spinal Flush
With a partner: Have your partner lie down or stand with arms up against a wall. Place your fingers or knuckles one inch from either side of your partner’s spine. Using your body weight push in making two to three circular pushes starting from the top of the spine. Move down the outside of the spine, following each vertebra, all the way down to the base. Repeat two to three times.

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Do a Sacral Rock (rocking the person back and forth) after the Flush because not only does it feel relaxing it gets the toxins you have just released moving so that they don’t settle back into the muscles.