Energy Medicine

is the future of medicine…

Energy Medicine is an amazing complementary care support system and an empowering self-care tool. Our energy systems are so easily thrown off in our modern technologically driven society but the great news is that there are energy modalities to bring us back to health and happiness. Using different modalities Tina gently empowers you to tap into your inner wisdom to facilitate a deeper sense of health, happiness and inspiration. She finds clients respond very well to general balancing techniques, sometimes all we need is a bit of balance.

Each session is customized for your energy and she “follows the energy” as Donna Eden would say, which allows your energy to guide the session creating a scared and safe healing space.  Tina is lovingly dedicated to helping you transform old wounds, and any energetic blockage, into an opportunity to let go of what does not serve you so that you can fully walk in your power and blossom into your ideal self.  Tina shares helpful self-care tools to support you long after your session.

Tina specializes in Chakra Transformations, Stress Management, and Soul Retrieval & Mindful Self-Care Empowerment.
She works out of her NYC home and worldwide on Skype.
Men by referral only, unless it is on Skype.
Session last 1- 1½ hour, $250.00
Here what her some of her clients have to say. Very grateful for their testimonials!

Daily Energy Bliss

This is a free form healing style I developed myself that utilizes all the different modalities, teachings and healing experiences I have gathered throughout my life.  I follow your energy to guide me to what your energy needs at that time. Many times I am aided by not only my guides but yours as well. This is an empowering way to awaken your own inner physician and that is what commonly happens.

Chakra Transformations

Having worked with the chakra energy system for over 20 years it has become a passion. Our chakras hold our life stories, habit patterns and our limitless potential. There are times due to traumas we have not processed, or even acknowledged, that our chakras can keep us in old habit patterns if they are not cleared and balanced and this can cause limitations that are holding you back from living to your fullest potential. The fantastic news is that the chakras are one of the easiest entry points for healing on an energetic level which then beautifully transforms you in wondrous ways.  Having healthy and balanced chakras clears obstacles to a happy, inspired and loving life. You shift and move forward with a new internal landscape. I feel like this is the age of the chakras! Many of my clients have been coming to me very ready to release the energy that is not serving them to create space for new wonderful things to come into their lives. I have seen clients come into their full power allowing them to deepen their relationships, life purpose and most importantly self-love.

Deep Relaxation

Our world is filled with not only the usual suspects of stress such as work and relationships but also unexpected stressors due to our modern lives which are filled with EMF bombardment and even chemicals in our foods can cause our bodies to automatically go into stress mode and unfortunately most people don’t even realize how stressful their lives are and how that affects their bodies health, energy and relationships.

There are many methods to achieve stress relief and with every session we honor your bodies wisdom as to how it wants to relax. True relaxation requires your energy to feel safe. Together we create a safe environment by going at a speed you are comfortable. You will walk out of any session feeling relaxed but what we want to be mindful of is how long can you stay relaxed. Tina’s goal is to transform your energy to break the stress habit and to have a bag full of mindful self-care tool for you to immediately de-stress yourself.

Soul Retrieval

Using basic guided mediation and shamanic regression techniques you are gently guided back to a point in your life where due to trauma you let apart of yourself go / separate from you. The reasons this happens can be anything but the solution is to create a safe place to heal this part of you and connect with it again. This can manifest into allowing yourself to feel the innocence of trusting and enjoying life, allowing love and forgiveness, and even just feeling the gift of life.

Customized Sessions

We all have our own unique energy signature – it’s like an energy fingerprint, no two are the same. Given this we will do some “energy talk” about what has happened and is happening in your life, and what your goals are. From there we create a session together to serve your highest self.