There are seven main energy centers, or chakras, seven layers deep, in your body. Each Chakra has seven layers and holds a life lesson. They hold our “stories” making it especially important to have an awareness of how to release old energy and how to bring radiance to these centers of energy.

The Chakras tend to vibrate at frequencies matching the frequencies of their corresponding colors, although if you are deep into the layers you will find other colors come into play. This is why color so strongly affects your energy system.

We all have an innate knowledge of what color energies we need on a daily basis, and make aesthetic choices accordingly. The alignment and strength of your Chakras is crucial to the electromagnetic field, or aura, that surrounds your physical body.

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Note: All joints in our body are secondary ‪chakras‬‬ and where we receive and release energy so be mindful not to let the energy become stagnant. This is why movement is so important! Dancing, yoga and stretching are perfect for this. But, here are the main chakras.

Root or 1st chakra – Related to earth.

Where our primal instincts are. This center is where we find our strength and passion and sense of safety.
Related color: Red.
Affirmation: We are one.

Spleen or 2nd chakra – Primary center for emotion and intuition.

Creativity, joy and sexuality are processed here.
Related color: Orange.
Affirmation: I am good to others.

Solar Plexus or 3rd chakra – Where our thoughts and opinions are formed.

Stimulating to our intellect. This center is closely related to our sense of identity.
Related color: Yellow.
Affirmation: I am good to myself.

Heart or 4th chakra – Connects us with love.

Where our consciousness merges the physical and spiritual and where the yin and yang aspects of us balance.
Related color: Green.
Affirmation: I think and act with love.

Throat or 5th chakra

Where we find our higher potential and manifest greater abundance by speaking the truth. This center is about expression – how you communicate, and communication is a two way street!
Related color: Blue.
Affirmation: I am my higher self.

Third Eye or 6th chakra

Enables us to manifest our visualizations and psychic ability. This center allows us to have a broader perspective in every way.
Related color: Violet.
Affirmation: I see through the illusion.

Crown or 7th chakra

Where our spiritual life exists and where we achieve unity with our Higher Source.
Related color: White.
Affirmation: I am here now.

white-chakra-250x300Note about the 6th and 7th chakra colors
Many believe the 6th to be violet and the 7th to be indigo but according to Rosalyn L. Bruyere who wrote a book based her UCLA study called Wheels of Light says the 6th chakra is violet and the 7th is white. This plus our own research, working with clients, teachers and energy muscle testing we agree these are the colors that correspond to those chakras.

Another important note is the according to Donna Eden who see’s energy there is not one color associated with each chakra as each chakra has seven layers and can hold many colors. We actually agree with both lines of thought. If you are putting someone is a study or controlled environment to align the surface of their chakras with any vibrational remedy, such as sound, the chakras will indeed match the colors as we stated here. That said when you take into consideration the chakra layers other colors absolutely come into play. We are complex multi-dimensional beings so it makes perfect sense our energy systems are multi-dimensional as well!

The Outer Or Spiritual Chakras

Important note: Our research has shown many differing opinions on exactly where these chakras are and what they are used for – we feel drawn to the research in the book Healing With The Rainbow Rays by Alimandra plus she was highly recommended to us by teachers we trust.

Silver / 8th Chakra sits below our feet and draws up feminine energy into our bodies and grounds us. It’s our cosmic mother.

Gold / 9th Chakra sits above our heads and is related to male energy and connects us with source energy. It’s our cosmic father.

Note: You can balance your male and female energy using the 8th and 9th chakras.

Clear / 10th &11th ‪Chakras‬‬ sit in the palm of our hands and are extra ‪healing‬‬ because of the powerful ‪electromagnetic‬‬ ‪energy that is help there‬‬, which is why our hands are great healing tools, they easily give & receive energy.

It is believed the dominant hand holds the 10th chakra and will help release anything the chakra you are working on is ready to let go of.
The non-dominant hand holds the 11th chakra and will help to create balance in the chakra you are working. You can also use this hand to put radiance back into a chakra by using your intentions.

Black / 12th ‪Chakra‬‬ sits below the sliver chakra beneath our feet. It helps us to accept ‪change‬‬ and move forward. Black is a ‪protective‬‬ color.

Note: Both black and white contain the entire color spectrum.

There are many ways to test individual chakras and their health but I have a super easy way. I, Tina, have been doing this I was a teenager; it was instinct. With closed eyes I took my hand and would “scan” peoples bodies to find where healing was needed. I do this with chakras as well, either on the front or the back of people’s bodies. You close your eyes, take a deep breath and with the palm of your hand slowly move your hand upward from the base of the spine to just over the head. When I do this I feel a warm push, or a heaviness or even a visual of some gray / darkish energy. Once you’ve found this spot open your eyes to see what chakra you are over. I have found that there are usually 1-2 chakras that usually want some attention at any given moment. I have tested this technique against other chakra testing techniques and found it to be spot on. Give it a try and trust your feelings, your inner wisdom will guide you, take your time, don’t rush it and you will feel it.

Learn more about color and chakra meanings. Just click on the color you want to know more about.

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