Celtic Weaves

This is the system that weaves all other energy systems together, in energetic harmony. This system takes information wherever it needs to go in our bodies and can jump systems to do so.

Any kind of Cross-Over, like crossing your arms or legs, is a variation of the Celtic Weave energy. Also, crossing our arms/legs unconsciously can be valuable information your body needs you to know, it’s asking you to do some crossover re-patterning to strengthen the Celtic weave.

This is a great exercise from Eden Energy Medicine:

The Celtic Weave

• Weaves your auric field together
• Encourages your energy to flow freely in and out your body and to cross over
• Weaves all your energy systems together
• Integrates energy corrections you have already done

Simply said; Cross over down your body and figure-8 up. Or…
Take a few deep breaths as you bring the palms of your hand to face your ears on the side of your head. Push elbows together and cross your arms over and out. Then let your arms continuously cross over each other in a flowing manner while slowly bending over until you are hanging over your toes. Take a deep breath and roll your hands up your body – like the roll up. Repeat 2-3 times.