The olfactory sense is recorded in one of the earliest developed parts of the brain and has a dramatic affect on our physical and emotional state. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to impact this part of your brain and is connected to the idea of holism, meaning one must care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit. You reap the benefits of an essential oil in two ways; by inhaling its scent and/or by applying the oil to your skin, where it is then absorbed through the cellular membrane. Twenty-first century life gives rise to many genuine sources of anxiety and essential oils can be helpful in easing the psychological and physical effects, such as depression, grief, worry, fear, mental fatigue, poor appetite, sexual lethargy, memory loss and others.

One of the stories we love to tell explaining the simplicity of aromatherapy is this. When you walk by a large pile of garbage, or something rancid, the smell is causes a physical reaction – usually feeling sick or nauseous – so if a scent can make you feel ill it can also make you well and that is what aromatherapy does.

See our ingredients for details about the ones we love and use.

In general
Use essential oils on pressure points and the chakra points for balance and to boost the energy you want to radiant that day. We find that when applying it is a great idea to put a bit on the palms of your hand placing them over your face. Set the intention of the energy you want to bring in and breadth it in. Its refreshing, soothing and a deep way to set your intentions for that day.

When using a spray:
You can spray it on and around your body to clear your auric field.
Spray on your cloths and linens for a fresh feeling and scent.
Spray all around your home. This is a great way to clear the environment.

When using drops:
Sprinkle on your pillow before bed.
Great for creating a relaxing or energizing bath experience.
Put some in your hair.

Great Combinations and Uses

  1. Bergamot is one of the most powerful anti-depressants. That in combination with Lavender, the great relaxer, makes for a potent blend that will lift your spirits while leaving you with a sense of complete relaxation. Using this anywhere, in anyway, is great but we find it especially effective to rub some on your temples and dab the remainder of what is on your hands right under your nose so you can inhale the relaxation and happiness. Other uses are to use as a spray, in a diffuser and in the bath.
  2. Use Spruce oil to increase the health of your adrenals. Put the oil directly onto your adrenals, which are an inch above and out from your belly button. Every body is different so if you deeply massage this area you will find sore points or feel a pull that this is where your adrenals are and apply the oil there. If you are experiencing any kind of adrenal fatigue or even burn out this can truly help you regain your energy and balance in this system. Using spruce in your bath is extremely good for your entire nervous system – and add in our Balancing Energy Bath and you’ll feel great!
  3. Use any oil, the chakra oils we offer are ideal but also but frankincense or myrrh has been reported to encourage energetic openings. Place a drop of your oil of choice onto the power point on the back of your head. Your power point is the dip towards the bottom of your skull that sits between your occipital lobs / the humps on either side of the dip. This is a powerful point to take in energy and to rebalance your entire energy system.
  4. Our Chakra oils have been specifically designed to strengthen and balance your chakras, which are responsible for much of our health and happiness. Each includes oils and extracts that encourage the empowerment of that specific chakra. Plus we have infused it with reiki, energy medicine and love. They are idea for any of the above suggestions.