The five elements reflect our true connection to the earth and all that is. We are connected to the seasons and the elements and their ebbs and flows effect each of us specifically and individually. Knowing which season one most connects with can help you to understand your nature. Each rhythm is associated to a particular way of speaking, walking and viewing the world and has its strengths and weaknesses that push you to grow in the ways your natural evolution is calling for.

The 5-elements: The basics

Yin organ – kidneys
Yang organ – bladder
Sensory organ – ears
Voice quality – groaning
Movement quality – flowing / slow
Positive / balanced emotion – hope
Negative / stress emotion – fear
Its peak time is from 3-7 PM
Season – winter
It governs and influences bones, teeth, fluid and reproductive and urinary systems
Balancing sound – “Whoooooo”

Yin organ – liver
yang organ – gallbladder
Sensory organ – eyes
Voice quality – shouting
Movement quality – solid / grounded
Positive / balanced emotion – assertiveness
Negative / stress emotion – anger
Its peak time is from 11 AM to 3 PM
Season – spring
It governs and influences ligaments, tendons, nails, muscles and the nervous system
Balancing sound – “shhhhhhhh”

Yin organ (s) heart and circulation Sex
Yang organ(s) Small Intestine and triple warmer
Sensory organ – tongue
Voice quality –laughing
Movement quality – lively
Positive / balanced emotion – joy
Negative / stress emotion – panic
It’s peak time(s) are from 11 and to 3 PM and 7 to 11 PM
Season – summer
It governs and influences blood vessels, blood and the endocrine system
Balancing sound – “aahhhh”

Yin organ – spleen
yang organ – stomach
Sensory organ – mouth
Voice quality – singing
Movement quality – lyrical / rhythmic
Positive / balanced emotion –compassion
Negative / stress emotion – worry/over-compassion
Its peak time is from 7-11 AM
Season – equinox
It governs and influences blood and life-force, and digestion, muscles and lymphatic system
Balancing sound – “eerrrgg”

Yin organ – lung
yang organ – large intestine
Sensory organ –nose
Voice quality – weeping
Movement quality – regal / still
Positive / balanced emotion –reverence/awe
Negative / stress emotion – critical/sense of emptiness
Its peak time is from 3-7 AM
Season – autumn
It governs and influences skin, hair and respiration
Balancing sound – “ssssssssss”

Easy Ways to Balance Your Elements based on Eden Energy Medicine

Trace the 5-element star in three different ways:

Trace It On Your Body
Note: Tracing the star is the control cycle and tracing a clockwise circle is the flow cycle.

With the palm of your hand begin on your lower right hip, Water.
Then let your hand trace up to the center of, and slightly above, the solar-plexus, Fire.
Then you trace down to your lower left hip, Metal.
Then up and to the middle of your right side / waist, Wood.
Then straight across your body to your left side / waist, Earth.
Then back down to your left hip, where you began.
Then for good measure make a clockwise circle within the area you just traced.

I usually trace the element star a couple of times and then make a few circles – trace it with the pressure of a light massage.

Trace Each Element Individually

Do the above movements / tracing but just smaller.
Make the 5-element star over your right and left hip, upper solar-plexus, and middle of right and left side of stomach.
Finish with a small circle and I like to throw in tracing the shape of a heart over wherever I have traced.

Trace The 5-Element Star On Your Hands

Look down at your hand and imagine at that at the bottom left, just below the stem of your thumb is water.
Then using your fingers trace up to the bottom of your middle finger, Fire.
The trace down to the right side of hand, under the pinky to Metal.
Up to the space between thumb and index finer, Wood.
Trace straight across to the other side, earth
Then down to where you began, lower left side of hand.
And finish with a small circle and throw in tracing the shape of a heart over your hand.