Due to the high worldwide demand of crystals the prices have increased significantly and I apologize for that. The vendors I have been working with for over 20 years actually hand pick every crystal to make sure I have the best quality and price to offer. Very grateful!!!
Important Note: After my teachings from the Kogi Tribe of Colombia I have a new respect for everything we take from our Mother Earth and this includes crystals. Crystals have a life force; they are spirits of our Mother Earth and must be honored as such. Never buy a crystal to just sit on a shelf to look pretty, buy it with the intent of building a healing relationship with it and if giving it to a loved one pass on the crystals meaning. These precious stones have been given to us by earth, sometimes through harsh conditions yet they are still happy to help us – they give unconditionally, let’s give them back that same love and respect. I know that when I develop a deep relationship to my crystals they become empowered and allow me access to deeper meaning and healing. It’s a beautiful relationship if you are open to it!

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