Opening Your Heart

Mayan Shamanic Journeys: Part 2
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The Set Up
On the second day of our trip – on the way to Tikal – we stopped at Iximche for our first fire ceremony. Our Tata and Nana were late plus another family was in the middle of their own fire ceremony on this sacred alter so we had a wait. The ceremony takes place on a typical round stone platform, about ½ a foot off the ground and roughly 5-6 feet in circumference – they all vary. A few feet away from that was a small pyramid alter ruin where candles were dipping – past offerings still adding to the magic of the place.

I found myself walking around this alter to the back where a tree was growing out of the rocks – I didn’t realize at the time that this tree was actually growing out of the alter and had actually become apart of the alter. How I didn’t notice that I have no clue. The heart of the tree, as I call it, had three different trunks meeting to create the perfect seat and there was also a hollow on the side that to me looked like the trees hands forming a large cup. I was up there over an hour and it was unbelievably comfortable, as if I was lying on moss. I was very comfortable physically and energetically.

The Lesson
I was mediating and it felt really beautiful. I was using my own techniques plus the latest one I learned from Phelgye at Do Kham. I was slightly self-conscious in the beginning because everyone could see me but if you can’t meditate out in the open on a spiritual journey with spiritual warriors where can you ☺! Then something changed. The trees energy seemed to wrap all around me as if to hug me and I felt myself sink into this blissful feeling. I noticed how strong and grounded I felt and I was very aware of this trees life – of its consciousness. You could not deny this tree was alive and this life being in the form of a tree began to speak to me. It was as if information was downloaded or translated by one of my energy systems – this may sound strange to some but I would encourage you to give it a try with a local tree of yours and see if anything happens. If you quiet your mind and sit in stillness for a while you might be very surprised at what you hear and / or feel.

For the purpose of writing this I will write it as a conversation, which it was but these non-verbal conversations are hard to describe. There I am deep within myself and I hear the tree say “Do you see how safe and protected you are”, “Yes” I replied with a soft happiness. The tree continues, “It’s safe for you to open your heart, I’ve got you” and I energetically opened my heart and smiled and felt the lovingness of just that action – opening. I sat soaking up this energy for a while and a tear or two was shed but very gently. Then the tree says, “You can feel this way all the time” Silence from me. “You are always this protected” the tree continued and I must have thrown a million questions at it, such as what do you mean, is it because I’m grounded, do I have to be connected to be protected, am I really safe etc. and the tree in a very gently powerful way said “It is safe for you to open your heart because we will never stop protecting you, we are connected to you always and you can call on this strength anytime”.

I sat with this energetic truth and was feeling what it felt like to have my heart completely open while feeling completely protected. New feeling. Life changing. I’m protected? My heart is safe no mater what? The trees point was made and it had nothing else to say, neither did I. It just kept feeding me this beautiful energy and I sat there taking it in.

What’s The Take Away?
When I was ready to come down I laid two crystals in the hollow of the tree as my offering of thanks to it. I learned on this trip the importance and power of offerings – this isn’t breaking news but the way it was presented was new and my perspective of its implications broadened greatly. I make offerings everyday now in various forms; even smiling at a stranger is an offering of kindness to the collective conscious and universe.

This was almost a month ago and I can still feel that trees connection and message. Thank you tree. I will honor this tree with trust and by keeping my heart open. I am protected and I can feel that. Keeping our hearts open can be a hard thing in today’s world. Finding an anchor, a place of strength for your heart to feel protected by can really be a life changer. When you feel safe and share your heart beautiful things happen – internally and externally.

The earth has amazing healing and supportive powers and we all have access to it. All we have to do is connect and ask. Earth, trees and many other elements are happy to give you helpful energy, or to take away unhelpful energy – it’s their nature. Pun intended:)

I do have a picture of myself in the tree and will have to post it on FB as I have not learned how to add pictures to posts – yet!