Opening Your Hands & Feet

Our hands and feet need to be cleared on a regular basis to allow our energies to freely flow in and out of our bodies, which we need for every aspect of ourselves – energetic, emotionally and physically. When the energy can’t flow it can get stuck and this can cause us to feel stuck or to even have pain in our bodies because it is trapped energy – set it free by opening your gaits!!!

You want to deeply massage between each toe and finger, starting at your wrist or top of your foot, near your ankle. Massage towards the end of the toe or finger and then pull the energy off your hands and toes. It you have any pent up energy this can feel like a great relief!

For example the hands – if I am massaging between my pointer and middle finger I would be massaging and dragging with my fingers of my other hand from just above the wrist to the end of my finger, and I pull the energy off and out. For your feet you can use both hands, which is nice. Massage the top and bottom at the same time – I would be massaging and dragging with my fingers of both hands from the back/middle of each foot to the end of each toe. Massaging your feet is also very grounding.

Make sure you pull the energy off the top of every toe and finger. If you take an extra minute you can pull the energy out from in-between your toes and this not only opens your energy in a new way but it can also help you keep a cold at bay so try it if you feel you are coming down with something. Beyond all this it is very grounding and opening to do this – you will feel much better for it but also it is a self-soothing behavior and this activates your radiant circuits, which increases your sense of joy – so you are multi tasking☺

Doing this not only supports the flow of energy in your body but it also supports meridian health as all meridians begin or end on the fingers and toes.

Give yourself heart energy – make little hearts on the pads of each toe and finger, it feels nice.