Om Ah Hum Breathing

I have had the great pleasure of speaking with the owner of Do Kham, Phelgye Kelden, for over 15 years. I would stop in to shop, or just stop in and he and I would begin speaking about energy, meditation and perceiving reality and it was always so interesting and his energy is transcendent.

The days before my trip to Guatemala in January Bowie had just passed and Phyelgyes shop is around the corner from the memorial so I stopped in. He looked at me and said what’s happening. Clearly I was not looking my best but he was seeing my energy that was stressed, sad, and fearful and so the conversation began…

He spoke of this reincarnate Buddhist named Migyur Rinpoche who spoke of being plagued by stress, at 12 – his story is worth reading! This boy said once realized he could not stop it he decided to embrace it, to take it in and when he did this it disappeared and he was no longer stressed out. I paraphrase obviously but the idea is clear – we usually need to embrace what is making us uncomfortable in order to let it go – to walk through it to get through it.

He knows I am a healer and asked if that was draining me? Nope I said that’s when I’m feeling my best, during and after – it’s when I’m doing nothing I feel unhappy and drained so he spoke of creating a bridge from the everyday me to the healer me. Interesting way to look at it and it resonated with me. Still working on that.

He gave me a basic meditation technique – that was actually taught to me differently in Costa Rica – and said it would help both stress (or anything negative) and me feeling happy. It’s called:

Om Ah Hum Breathing

1. You inhale purity by breathing in the color white as you say the word OM in your head.
2. Holding your breath you see the color red over your navel as you say the word AH in your head and this clears all negativity from your body.
3. You then see the color blue over your heart and say the word HUM in your head as you connect with compassion for yourself and the world and you deeply exhale with the intention of spreading that compassion around the world.

He actually demonstrated this and it seemed like he was holding his breathe forever, my breaths are shorter and that’s ok. He said he does it all the time, even when he’s working, “Nobody knows what’s going on in my head” and he said smiling.

I have been doing this since he showed me and I find it very comforting. Soothing and strengthening too but mostly comforting because I believe it is empowering my energy and that feels great! I also find it unbelievably interesting that I received a tutorial from him, in part about happiness, which was the thread for me during my Guatemala trip. There are no coincidences and I see it as a sign from the universe that I was ready to shift my heart into happiness and I am happy.

Hope this is helpful!

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