Living In The Light

As were emerge into spring /summer we are also experiencing a personal emergence. Many people have been experiencing a dark night of the soul. This has been necessary – it has risen to be released. It has stepped into your conscious mind because if you can see it you can release and transform it. The collective energy around our planet right now isn’t letting us ignore things anymore, it’s pushing us to be our best selves.

We have been energetically birthing our new selves. Whether we are re-writing our lives or just making small daily changes its important to honor and support this process. When we make real fundamental changes like this Triple Warmer is alerted, it does not like change so we have to speak to it, calming it and letting it know we are safe. Triple Warner is also a Radiant Circuit so we can set the intention that Triple Warmer becomes radiant rather than fearful.

Clearing The Darkness

1. First do some prep work to ensure your energy is open to the changes you intend to make.
– Try a couple of Triple Warmer Soothers
– Hold your Neurovasculars to calm and balance your energy system
– Then activate your Radiant Circuits with the 12 Hearts

2. Get comfortable, close your eyes and in your minds eye see the darkness. Does it have an image, color or texture? The root of this darkness does not matter, you do not need to worry about the story, and you only need to clear it away. Paulette Tascherau, a gifted healer, taught this Energy Medicine technique to me. In brief you will be using the energy in your hands to clear any darkness you may feel.

With your finger or minds eye trace a five-pointed star on the palm of your hand. It may seem complicated when written out but its simple if you think about drawing a star on the palm of your hand starting under your thumb. But to be super clear:

– You trace from the bottom corner of your palm, under your thumb (water element),
– Then up to the top center of your palm, under middle finger (fire element)
– Then down to the bottom of palm under the pinky finger (metal element)
– Then up to the very side and middle of your palm, between the thumb and pointer finger (wood element)
– Then straight over to the other side of your palm (earth element)
– Then back to where you started, under the thumb.
– Then make a clockwise circle within your palm.
– You have now balanced the 5-Elements on your hand and activated your inner healer.
– Now begin to see a radiant light shining through the center of your palm(S) and with your hands or in your minds eye gently push the darkness away from you. The light from your palms pushes it away but it also dissolves. The energy will follow your intent.
– You can also place your hands anywhere on your body you want to bring light and radiance to.

3. Do something nice for someone. When we giveback in anyway we always feel better about our life and ourselves. Whether it is through energy or action you will shift your energy into a positive vibration.