Ylang Ylang

Organic Ylang Ylang Cananga Odorata

Aroma treatments: Color bath, color massage, perfume, color room diffuser, color aroma lamps, color candles, spray mists

Life qualities: Unifying, Sensual, Self-confident, Uplifted, Relaxed, Awakened

Extract signature: Ylang Ylang is derived from a large tropical tree with large tender fragrant flowers in pink, mauve or yellow.

The yellow flowers are the best for the essential oils. The frequency of this oil vibrates with our astral body (emotional body) and is especially helpful in healing at this level.

The yellow oil produces a sense of euphoria in the nervous system that helps relieve stress. The relaxing qualities of the pink ray calm the heart and slow down breathing, developing our sensitivity to other people’s feelings.

The red part within the pink frequency of Ylang Ylang aids sexual disorders of emotional origin. Warming and unifying, Ylang Ylang helps us to understand who we are which creates joy and contentment.