Tangerine Oil

Tangerine Oil Citrus madurensis/reticulata

Aroma treatments: Color massage, color aroma bath, color aroma lamp, spray mists, perfumes

Life qualities: Inspired, Refreshed, Sympathetic, Creative Expression, Intuitive

Extract signature: The names Mandarin and Tangerine both describe the same oil; Mandarin is more common in Europe and Tangerine in America. The essential oil is a yellow-orange color with a blue-violet hue and has a very citrus sweet aroma. The strong orange vibrations make it a great skin treatment because its releasing action helps the formation of scar tissue, reduces stretch marks and tones oily skin. Mandarin is a good digestive aid and helps remove excess fluid from the body. This oil increases self-awareness and helps develop a positive self-image while attracting joy and happiness.