Sandalwood Santalum album

Aroma treatments: Solar-charged lotions and creams, perfumes, spray mists, color baths, color massage, color bandages, compresses and poultices, incense and meditation, aromatic color candles, soap

Life qualities: Connection, Peace, Unity, Serenity, Rejuvenation

Extract signature: Sandalwood comes from the heartwood of the tree and contains yellow and violet energy. Being both a tonic and sedative makes it a very unique oil. Relaxing to the mind, Sandalwood is often used for meditation especially in India. This oil has a strong connection with ceremony, serenity and wisdom.

Violet is cooling, soothing and softening to irritated skin. The yellow ray warms and comforts by creating a euphoric state while the violet ray deeply purifies bringing peace and serenity. The violet ray also acts as an aphrodisiac by cleansing the sexual organs. Sandalwood also has a connection to Rose, making it a good tonic and sedative for the heart.