Organic Patchouli Pogostemom Patchouli

Aroma treatments: Color aroma massage, color bath, perfume, color aroma skincare treatments, color aroma lamp, spray mists, aromatic candles, meditation

Life qualities: Grounded, Decisive, Expansive, Assured, Witty, Lucid, Astute

Extract signature: The white flowers of patchouli have a purple hue and distill dark orange oil. This oil acts as a tonic, especially on the libido and initiates the release of creativity. It also calms the nervous system and is a great anti-depressant. The orange/yellow energy acts as a diuretic releasing water from the system and then the violet ray regulates the water balance in the endocrine system. The violet ray also gives the oil its astringent and fungicidal qualities. Patchouli is a tissue regenerator that cools inflamed conditions such as dry, hot skin. Violet energy contains a mixture of blue and red that stimulates new cell growth while simultaneously heals and balances.