Orange (organic)

Organic Orange Citrus Dulcis (sweet orange), Citrus Vulgaris/Sinensis

Aroma treatments: Solarized drink or food, color aroma bath, color massage, color skin tonic and lotion, aroma candles, room diffusers

Chakra affinity: Sacral

Life qualities: Happy, Positive, Out-going, Joyous, Strong, Courageous, Creative

Extract signature: Grounding, stimulating and releasing, the orange oil is made from the peel of a sweet or bitter orange. Most importantly, this oil has the ability to lift depression and bring happiness into our lives. Physically, orange boosts the immune system and contains beta-carotene that fights off antioxidants in our system. A great tonic, it increases vitamin C absorption and helps prevent disease. Emotionally, orange gives us courage and opens our creative channels. It also has a strong earth connection. Orange is relaxing, allowing us to become sensual, warm and physically intimate.

Caution: Orange/joyful is phototoxic, meaning it is sensitive to light so please be careful when using these oils on parts of your body that have direct contact with the sun.