Myrrh Commiphora Myrrha

Aroma treatments: Color baths, color massage, spray mists, color compresses, color aromatic cooking, color aroma lamps, aromatic candles, room diffusers, perfumes, color breathing, incense

Life qualities: Commitment, Will, Stability, Patience, Resolution, Selfless Love

Extract signature: Warming and stimulating, Myrrh has a releasing action on our entire body system. Physically, red warms the genito-urinary system and acts as a tonic on the stomach. Strengthens the immune system by stimulating the spleen to produce white blood corpuscles. This oil increases the elasticity of the skin and relaxes the muscles, making it a great addition to skin creams and moisturizers.

The white energy within Myrrh brings the subtle bodies in balance and polarizes the energy in both the Base and Crown Chakras. The red ray strengthens spirituality and creates vital life energy.