Chamomile (Roman & Blue)

Chamomile (Roman) Anthemis Nobilis

Life qualities: Serenity, Peace, Intuition, Calmness, Cooperation, Knowledge, Spirituality

Extract signature: Roman Chamomile is a small herb with feathery leaves, white daisy-like flowers and a sharp apple-like scent. The oil’s affinity to blue makes it soothing, cooling, calming and healing. The soft and gentle quality of blue helps relieve anger, frustration, irritation and hysteria.

Physically, Chamomile helps treat fevers, inflammations, sunstroke and burns. Emotionally, it relaxes both the emotions and the mind. Chamomile is excellent for treating stress and most painful conditions. Its healing qualities extend to our subtle bodies, helping us cope with our reality and recover from trauma.

Blue Chamomile
As well as the above this variation is very rare, and the oil itself is actually blue! It is known to balance hormones and is relaxing and emotionally soothing. It is an anti-inflammatory but most importantly it aids in the relief of menstrual cramps and water retention, pre-menstrual tension and is used as an anti-depressant during hormonal times.