Angelica Angelica Archangelica

Life qualities: Peace, Spiritually Opening, Purity, Harmony, Fertility

Chakra Affinity: 7th or Crown

Extract signature: “Angel’s grass” is a water-loving herb with strongly scented white flowers. The oil is either extracted from the roots and rhizomes or the fruit and seed and the color ranges from colorless to pale yellow that turns deep yellow as it ages.

Oil made from the seeds brings yellow and green energy while that made from the flowers is creamy-white. The yellow-green vibrations give this oil its tonic and healing properties while the white light uplifts the soul and awakens our higher consciousness, connecting us to the spiritual realm.

The root’s affinity to water elicits its effect on balancing and harmonizing the emotions. Innately strengthening, it stimulates the lymphatic system, removing toxins from the body. Yellow positively affects the digestive system and green the respiratory system. The green ray is also connected to femininity, regulating the production of estrogen and menstruation. Angelica is soothing to the skin.