Earth’s healing energies are a vital part of our over-all health.

Just Some of the Benefits of Grounding:
 Helps to polarize and balance your bodies’ energy
 Promotes feeling centered
 Encourages feeling confident
 Re-vitalizes chi/core energy
 If you feel like your head is in the clouds, grounding will help you focus

Grounding Suggestions:

1. Earthing
My favorite way to stay grounded is to walk barefoot on our beautiful earth, preferably on lush grass but anyplace you love is perfect. Walk, run, dance or stand still – whatever feels good is good for you. I would just suggest taking a moment to stand still with hands on your thighs and take a few slow deep breadths in your nose and out your mouth. With each breadth let the roots in your feet gently go down deep into the earth and allow earths energies to flow into your roots and up into your body – it can feel very strengthening to your soul but there is a gentleness also.
Make sure to wiggle your feet and toes around and even down into the ground if you can, it feels fun and inspires a childlike openness.

2. Earthling Hands
Just as we walk barefoot in in the grass to ground ourselves we can also place the palms of our hands firmly onto the earth and this feeds us earths healing powers. It empowers us with its strength and love and it feels deeply comforting.

Stand barefoot, taking deep slow breathes for a moment or two and center your intention within and from within kneel down and place the palms of your hands firmly on mother earth. Let your hands move around and find the perfect a spot that feels right and let them be open and spread wide physically and non-physically. Let the energy of your hands become receptors for earths beautiful healing force, to it’s life-force, and let it fill you. Do this as long as it feels right to you.

At the end of this you can change your intention and send thanks / gratitude back to earth. When I have done this in the past I feel the earth gratitude for my gratitude and it makes me smile and laugh every time. It’s all subtle energy but beautifully powerful energy!

3. Getting And Giving A Hug From Mother Earth
Stand on the earth as mentioned above, in #1, but this time hold the palms of your hands facing downward and set the intention that nature’s energies are lovingly reaching up and into your hands, take some deep breathes, open your energies and you will feel it!

*** I have also stood in this position with one slight variation – my hands / palms were facing outward as if I was getting ready to hug someone – in this case the earth and I have felt waves of energy that seemingly come from all directions to meet me gently and it feels like the earths energies are hugging me and I hug back. It is one of the most joyful experiences of oneness you can have as the earth and your energies meet through your hands, feet and through every cell in your body – this one is beyond grounding, it’s profoundly spiritual. You can really feel the earth’s incredible power. The earth is hugging your soul!

*** Another suggestion is trying to lay flat on the earth with the side of your face on the earth, palms on the earth, with the intention you are telling the earth how much you love her and how sorry you are we are hurting her. I have found this to be very powerful. Just allow yourself time to energetically join the earths energies in love and gratitude.

4. Sitting or Standing Up Against A Tree
This will ground you for sure, and it will absorb any energy you need / want to release.
Try closing your eyes and feel yourself connect with the tree and its deep roots. Your roots reach out to connect deep into the earth and to wrap around a large stone or to the trees roots itself – whatever feels right to you. In this position, up against the tree, you can send not only the roots from your feet but also from a cord that stems out of the base of your spine – let it reach down into the earth and / or the tree itself to release and receive.
Now set your intent about what you want to release and / or receive – this could be getting rid of negativity in general, excess energy or something specific. There are no rules. Then take a few deep slow breathes and affirm you are letting go and feel energy pour out your feet and / or cord – it can be a subtle feeling at first but with mindfulness and by listening to your internal landscape you will begin to feel the flow of your energies. Empowering. Then ask the tree to send you the energies you need, like grounding, confidence, security and whatever you need through its deep roots and it happily will. Trees are very friendly and smart, check out this incredible video by Professor Suzanne Simard! And this is a great article as well!

5. Figure-8ing With Tress
I discovered this – if anyone really discovers anything – at the Omega Institute the last day I was assisting Donna Eden on one of her amazing 5-day trainings. I felt some release surfacing and went outside and sat up against a tree, as I do, and suddenly I lost it – sobbing. The waves of emotion began to match the waves I felt between another tree directly in from of me about 100 feet away? It was across a clearing and there were other trees but I knew this one was the one sending me energy too. I closed my eyes and clearly saw and felt a radiant figure-8 going between the trees and I was inside one of the 8’s. It was transcending and the happy tears of release streamed away and I felt my energy deepen into the earth and intertwine with these two trees. It was profound. I felt amazing after!

6. Spooning The Feet, And Hands
Our physical body has polarities – our head is the north polarity and our feet the south. Sometimes due to life or shifting earth energies they get reversed and using a stainless steal spoon to correct your polarities is wonderful! This is very important for grounding because our feet are where you take in the earth’s yin and healing energy.

With a stainless steel spoon, use the round side; rub all over the bottoms of your feet. Rub every-where, even the sides. Try doing figure-8’s with the spoon too. You can actually use the front side of the spoon, or even a fork but not too hard, if the other way isn’t working or you may want to just try a new variation. It’s an option but just be careful of how hard you press – it should feel firm but gentle.

Spooning the feet will correct the polarity on your head but to make sure your head is correctly polarized you can use your hand – flip your hand back and forth so that the palm is down and flip it over so the back of your hand is flat on the head – you can do this quickly and it corrects any imbalances…speaking of hands…

Our hands have polarities too so spooning them is very helpful. If your polarities are not correct you will not be able to connect with someone when you shake their hand – let alone if you are using your hands for healing work. An interesting note about shaking hands – if you want to really connect with someone use both your hands when shaking them. One hand is shaking and the other is gently placed on the back of the other persons hand and this creates a complete energetic connection. Bill Clinton always did this and is perhaps why so many people reported feeling an instant connection with him. Basically carry a spoon with you at all times, joking, but do remember your hands have electromagnetic energy so if there is no spoon in sight just use them to correct all your polarities by flipping them facing up and down.

Our non physical body has polarities too – about a foot over our head, over our heart and between our legs, this is best to energy test for but I see no harm in gently using your hands over these areas just in case.

These are a great Eden energy Medicine Technique.

7. Grounding With A Hematite Crystal
Hematite is a very grounding stone and when all else fails I always put a tumble hematite stone on the side of each pinky toe and I just sit there for a few minutes – you usually can feel it when you’ve grounded – trust your intuition! But, it’s a great quick fix.

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Healers note:
Healing energy travels faster through earth than air so if you are doing long distance healing for someone try and lay on the ground palms facing down and send out the healing! When I do Skype sessions I have a small square of green grass (you can buy them at a plant store / nursery / farmers market) and I place my feet on it to increase the energy transmission – and it is helpful in releasing energy for you and your client.

And, being barefoot in the grass, as mentioned above, is very grounding.