Facial Detox

Facial Detox Benefits:

  • Releases toxins
  • Increases circulation
  • Decreases fine lines
  • Figure-8 eye massage you will program your energy to crossover, which has numerous benefits.

We build up toxins in the face, which accelerates to appearance of aging. A vigorous facial massage will release toxins and reverse signs of aging as well as being a powerful preventive care technique. Using the back of your hand (this has less of a dragging effect) rub vigorously back and forth all over your face with special attention to the forehead and around the noise, chin and mouth area.

Do this for a few minutes twice a day. Doing this before you wash your face and apply your moisturizer is a great routine to get into.

Around the eye area is especially important and this Eden Energy Medicine technique is simple and highly effective. With your fingers massage or firmly press down around the entire occipital lobe – the bone around your eyes. An important variation of this is to massage the eyes with a figure-8 motion. For example start pressing into the upper right eye and massage down to the bottom left eye. Continue massaging around the left eye until you land on the upper left eye and now you crossover to the bottom right eye, massaging / pressing down in a circle up to where you started – the upper right eye. Do this at least three times with a continuous flow – doing this while lying in bed can become a relaxing self-care ritual. This has benefits beyond releasing toxins – it will ensure your energy is crossing over which important for our overall health, motivation and happiness.

No matter which technique you use you will loosen toxins so make sure you drink a glass of water after to ensure you flush out the toxins.