Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

From a general human being perspective it is a gift to be able to see the beauty in everything – and there is beauty in everything. Even in pain and destruction comes growth and rebirth. Beauty associated with people is tricky because in today’s world we have other people dictating a very narrow idea of what beauty is. We’re all unique and that in itself is beautiful and since the dawn of time beauty has been defined by the people who love them; beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. But in the public forum artists defined beauty and this began to create a standard for what beauty looked like. It’s changed over the years but many similarities exist. There are some very obvious examples of beauty that we all seem to agree upon, from Cleopatra to Cindy Crawford most of us know an objectively beautiful being when we see one, but there are many other beauties in the world who shine brightly. They have a certain something, a “je ne sais quoi.” That “something” is inner beauty. In some circles inner beauty has gotten a bad rap because it’s become a nice way to describe someone whose appearance doesn’t subscribe to fashion magazine standards (which is changing, especially with digital media), but the reality is inner beauty is a very true and tangible quality. I spent ten years in the field of beauty during my Tony&Tina 1.0 years and I have seen first-hand how inner beauty creates aesthetic beauty. A part of the beauty biz is to have lots of events and Tony and I traveled around the world…event after event. The people who felt good about themselves looked good and the people who felt bad didn’t shine as brightly. I’ve seen stereotypical “beauties” look terrible and stereotypical “plain Jane’s” look stunning and it had nothing to do with the make-up. Side Note: I do need to give a shout out to any Tony&Tina fans and co-workers…I miss you all! Everyone who was apart of our journey…I send you mad love and gratitude.

Looking beautiful is all about how you carry yourself and what kind of energy you are generating. It goes without saying that you have to take care of yourself, physically, emotionally, spiritually. It’s really not that hard. It can be as simple as making sure you wash your face and moisturize every morning and night. You can’t get lazy at night because then the day’s dirt and grime just sits there and your complexion will suffer. Even if you don’t get pimples you are better than a dull complexion. It’s also about your energy. If you are energetically clear and balanced and live in love and joy you will look it and that’s beautiful. Don’t just try to look beautiful…be beautiful…to yourself and to everyone in your life.

All that said some natural remedies to keep ourselves healthy and youthful is always a good move. There are some good tools in this post but also check out the Radiant Beauty Visualization and A Night Of Beauty.

Energy Facial
This video I have showing this is a very rough sloppy video but the information is there. I will be redoing this video shortly. But it’s simple, increases your sense of radiance, is anti-aging and activates your life-force.

How too:
There is an important energy point on your back – right behind the bellybutton. If you put one finger on your bellybutton and the other where that would be on your back – that is what is called the Ming Men point and is considered a powerful life-force center in Chinese and Energy Medicine.

– On your back Ming Men point, it’s on your spine, use your fingers to firmly massage it, this awakens the radiant healing energy. Take turns doing this for a few seconds with both hands. I do it twice usually.
– With the palms of your hands you then drag this energy around to the front of your body and touching your body, in a continuous motion, bring your hands up to your face as if you are splashing water onto your face gently and slowly – you can make a circle with your hands and / or let them rest on your face allowing that healing energy to soak in. This brings a new and deeper energy to your face this usually gives you a beautiful radiant youthful glow inside and out. I love it!!!

Try a facial detox and other natural beauty remedies as well:

Facial Detox & Energy Facial Benefits:

  • Releases toxins
  • Increases circulation
  • Decreases fine lines
  • Figure-8 eye massage you will program your energy to crossover, which has numerous benefits.
  • Activates your life-force energy in / on your face

The following all great self-care tools.

Getting Rid of Toxins
You retain a lot of toxins in the skin cells of your face, so it’s a good idea to massage your face every day, which accelerates circulation and gives a radiant youthful appearance. It can help reverse signs of aging as well as being a powerful preventive care technique.

With the tips of your fingers, massage in a circular motion, concentrating on your chin, cheeks, temple, eye sockets and forehead. Where it hurts is where the toxins are being stored, so really work on those areas. Remember that when you release toxins you have to wash them away, so follow up by drinking plenty of water. Do this for a few minutes twice a day, this can be extra benifical when using our Rose Hip Seed Oil. Doing this before you wash your face and apply your moisturizer is a great routine to get into.

Another version is to vigorous give yourself a facial massage will release toxins and Using the back of your hand (this has less of a dragging effect) rub vigorously back and forth all over your face with special attention to the forehead and around the noise, chin and mouth area.

Around the eye area is especially important and this Eden Energy Medicine so here is an easy, simple an effective technique. With your fingers massage or firmly press down around the entire occipital lobe (NOT in your eye or on the inner soft area) – do it on the bone around your eyes. An important variation of this is to massage the eyes with a figure-8 motion. For example start pressing into the upper right eye and massage down to the bottom left eye. Continue massaging around the left eye until you land on the upper left eye and now you crossover to the bottom right eye, massaging / pressing down in a circle up to where you started – the upper right eye. Do this at least three times with a continuous flow – doing this while lying in bed is a relaxing self-care ritual. This has benefits beyond releasing toxins – it will ensure your energy is crossing over which important for our overall health, motivation and happiness.

The Natural Face-Lift
Facing a mirror, open your mouth and, while tightening your cheek muscles, move your mouth as far as you can to the right and then the left. Then, puff up your cheeks with your mouth closed, sort of as if you were blowing something up. Repeat at least two times, twice a day.

Chin Tuck
Holding your head and neck up, slowly pull your chin and head back and then forward as far as you can. Repeat several times. Then, with your shoulders back and head held high, use the back of your hand to tap under your chin. Repeat several times.

Chin Definition
Lift your chin, stick out your tongue and try to touch your nose. Repeat several times.

Sinus Drainage
Using the tips of your middle and index fingers, apply pressure first on the inside of your brow bones and then underneath your cheekbones. When you begin, feel around until you experience sensitivity to the pressure. Push in and up for thirty seconds. Repeat at your brow bones.

Relaxing The Face and Neck
Let’s face it, sometimes we all work and worry too much. When you experience a day fraught with pressure and anxiety, try the following relaxation technique. Crunch up your face as tightly as you can while squeezing your shoulders up and in. Hold for four counts and release. Repeat three times. Then, pretend your face, neck and body are like a rag dolls and shake everything loose. Don’t forget about your hands and feet. Afterwards, do some light stretching…forward and backward and side-to-side.

Other Thoughts On Beauty

Less is more, blend, blend, blend… I hope to bring our therapudic cosmetics back at some point but until then there are some good brands that do care about the health of your skin. Seek them out. Credo Beauty has a great selection. Basically, the fewer chemicals the better.

“Don’t believe the hype” as Public Enemy says….use common sense and read your ingredient lists. I really stand behind my products, read about how I create them and I’d add that I consider all my ingredients sentient and respect them as such. I give gratitude to them, infuse them with healing energy and program increase your benefits. Through my energy work I raise the vibration of the ingredients and product and that gives you greater benefits.

Positive Thinking
If you always look on the bright side of things, you create a happier you. What you think about creates your reality, so by loving yourself and giving yourself positive affirmations you actually become your ideal self. High self-esteem is evident in the way you hold your head up and the way you walk and speak. Think beautiful and become beautiful. Try VisualizationRadiant Beauty and Sending Yourself Positive Energy.

Getting enough sleep is crucial…it’s true, we all need out beauty sleep! Your body and mind need to rest and recuperate at the end of the day, and not getting enough sleep makes you irritable and look bad, and it actually ages you! Getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep is a great anti-aging treatment and a way to achieve energetic wellness.

See A Night Of Beauty

Tips For Healthy Youthful Skin
These are pretty much common sense:
– Get eight hours of sleep as often as you can.
– Drink at least 4 to 6 glasses of water a day.
– Exercise. And, be active in general.
– Be a vegetarian, or least a respectful eater.
– Eat mostly whole, organic foods. Stay away from all processed foods and NO GMO.
– Do not smoke and limit alcohol intake.
– Give yourself cleansing masks on a regular basis and always wash and moisturize your face – morning and night.
– Be aware of your facial expressions. If you find you’re tensing your facial muscles, affirm to yourself that your face is relaxed and soft.
– Give yourself facial massages on a regular basis. Moving out the toxins on a regular basis creates a noticeable difference. Ever notice how amazing your skin looks and feels after facial? Well, it’s partly because you’re massaging your face for an extended period of time, or shorter versions throughout the day.
– Be happy. Studies show happy people look and feel younger, helping them to be healthier as they age.
– Breathe in pink. Visualize pink energy with every inhale. It gives a youthful glow to you and your skin.
– Fall in love. Even if you are already in a relationship, fall in love with that person all over again. Or, fall in love with a garden, a painting, a song – love everything and it will show beautifully.