Experience Your Own Energy

Empower yourself by feeling the power of your own energy. We are electromagnetic beings cable of sensing and using this energy to heal ourselves. Our hands are amazing transmitters of electromagnetic energy so when we move our hands the energy in our body follows. This means we can correct imbalances that may be hindering us from living up to our fullest potential. Another important aspect of moving and changing energy is intent. We can shift our energy to whatever vibration we want to focus on, healing, release, balance, joy, love, as examples.

Once you become comfortable feeling / sensing it you will begin to practice self-care on a deeper level. You will begin to trust your feelings and your internal voice. You will begin an energetic conversation with your body. Amazing and empowering. And, this is just the beginning. You can keep developing this skill and help friends, and loves ones. Animals love it too!

Where To Start?

Play With It. To begin with you just want to “feel” the energy in your hands. It’s always a good idea to rub your hands together and shake them off before you start, this activates your healing energy. Close your eyes bringing your attention to your hands and see if you can feel the energy, it will be subtle. It will be different for everyone but you can feel the energy or even see it in your minds eye in the center of your palms.

Now place the palms of your hands facing each other, about 6-8 inches apart. Be present and connected to feeling the energy between your hands. Move your hands slowly & gently in and out an inch or two and you will feel a pushback, or it will feel as if you are touching a cloud. Where you feel this subtle resistance it is your auric field bouncing off itself. You are feeling your non-physical body!

You can play with this energy by making a ball of energy between your hands. With intention create the ball and try to make it larger or smaller. Be playful and do this with a friend and feel their energy by placing your palms a few inches from theirs. This is a glimpse into the collective power we have. It’s wild and an amazing testament to our innate powers.

Follow It. The best time to start and play with this is as you go to sleep and are making yourself comfortable. Put your conscious mind on hold for a second, as if in meditation, and trust that your instincts will guide your hands to where they need to be and just lay them there for as long as you like. You might fall asleep this way or could always shift your hands to another area. If it feels right it is right.

This is where intent becomes especially important. Set the intent for what you want – this can be general healing or specific – “My hands are generating calming energy”, “My hands are healing”, etc.

Go deeper. There are so many ways which we can use our energy for self-care. Once you begin to play with your own energy you can learn specific techniques or just use your intuition. I will say there is a great relevance in knowing certain protocols, such as clearing / balancing your chakras or activating your radiant circuits. There are so many ways you can improve your own health and happiness. Just start wherever you feel comfortable and go with it. Very possibly you could feel better than you ever imagined. You never know so why not give it a try.