Earth Energies

Mother Earth gives us life, breath and healing. Now is the time to give some of that back to honor & help heal her.

Earth is a sentient being that provides everything needed for life. I have received a few side-glances when I say earth is sentient but I am not alone! Almost all ingenious people have this same belief such as the legendary Kogi Tribe of Columbia. They believe the earth “The Great Mother” is sentient and that we are her children. As children they see themselves as our “Elder Siblings”. As our Elder Sibling they are completely disappointed, and angry, at how we are destroying our great mother, Aluna. They believe we have done so much damage that they must now cautiously come out of the shadows to teach us how to change, how to heal the earth not destroy her. I traveled with John Perkins to meet the Kogi and what an amazingly trasnformative journey it was!

It’s time to recognize earth’s sentience. We need to empower the indigenous voice – it’s time to listen and learn from their earth wisdom! This amazing talk by Suzanne Simard about earths intelligence is just the beginning of how science, once again, is proving what many of us have forgotten.

My Mayan friend Tata Julio (a Shaman in Guatemala) told me to stop and think, what do I take from the earth and what do I give back? He did not pose it as a simple question to be answered immediately but a contemplated challenge to be honest with myself. Be honest! He always says this and I get it – self-honesty is hard and sometime unrecognizable but you can get there if your intentions are to do so! I now ask you the same – how much do you take from earth and how much do you give back? Really give yourself time to think about it. I would encourage you to think about it on your own at first and if you are ready to measure your eco footprint, go for it! I did it and it was eye opening! My footprint was not as low as I expected it to be so I am going to make some changes.

Even with our destructive ways our great mother still loves us and is happy to heal us when we ask, as any good mother would do. I am very grateful for this and to show my gratitude I try to support her in various ways, by giving her my energy healing and through organizations I trust. There are a few fantastic organizations that are making progress by working directly on the ground so to say – these are the organizations / people that I believe make a real difference to our environment and to the indigenous communities they work with.

Go Conscious Earth
Patchamama Alliance
John Perkins
Land For The Kogi

Great News! Significant progress is being made regarding plant conciseness and sentience.
“Plant consciousness is the process of bio-communication in plant cells, which has come to mean that plants are sentient life forms that feel, know, and are conscious. The scientific field of neurobiology has been effective in demonstrating plant consciousness.” ~ this is a fantastic site in general about nature and how it works and heals…. it’s incredible!!!

The science of Forest Bathing is incredible. In japan they are actively promoting people to connect with nature to increase the well-being and happiness in their lives. I love when science catches up with what most of our instincts have told us all along. It has such great benefits so get out there and breath, and connect.

In the Ecuadorian Constitution, which was rewritten 2007-2008 – It states: “The new Ecuadorian Constitution includes a Chapter: Rights for Nature. Rather than treating nature as property under the law, Rights for Nature articles acknowledge that nature in all its life forms has the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles. And we – the people – have the legal authority to enforce these rights on behalf of ecosystems. The ecosystem itself can be named as the defendant.”

In New Zealand the Whanganui river is a “personhood”
The NZHerald says, “Today’s agreement which recognizes the status of the river as Te Awa Tupua (an integrated, living whole) and the inextricable relationship of iwi with the river is a major step towards the resolution of the historical grievances of Whanganui iwi and is important nationally.”

And the Land Rights Now organization supports the indigenous rights over their land in the united states and they say “Life on Earth as we know it depends on the recognition of Indigenous Peoples and local communities as custodians of our planet.”


Our great mother gives us life through breath, her bountiful harvest, healing herbs and flowers, crystals and basically everything we have, use and ingest is from her – we owe our lives to her! On a practical level:

  1. She heals us when we ask and here are some great grounding tools that will make you feel fantastic!
  2. She can even speak to you if you listen. This is an experience I had with a tree.
  3. Her rhythms are our rhythms, the 5-elements.

Give Love
In energy medicine we say to hold your client with love during any session so I say to you hold our planet in love with every breath you take. Sending Mother Earth love is beautiful and simple to do. Give it a try and I bet you will feel some love coming right back to you!

A Few More Ways Earth Heals us
Mother Earth heals us in so many ways! I find this first one amazing…there is a natural occurring microbe in healthy soil called Mycobacterium vaccae and it is said to be a natural anti-depressant so when people say gardening is their happy place that’s actually quite literal. I know when my hands are getting dirty in the soil I feel refreshed and alive. Healthy soil equals a healthy us. It is in this soil we grow our food and healing herbs. More to come on this…stay tuned.

The ocean salt-water grounds us and keeps our polarities the right way up. It also feeds our bodies important minerals we need for our physical health. Our oceans play an intricate role in the entire planets health as it filters our air and nourishes the cycle of life on our planet. Fresh water is healing too. Most of us have jumped into a river or lake at one point and isn’t it the most refreshing feeling! Lying in a low river and letting the stream wash away any emotions or obstacles you are holding on it is transformative. If you have never done it I highly suggest trying it.

Mother Earth holds the power to nourish us or deprive us based on our treatment to her. We need a shift in awareness to just how much damage we have done thus far and how with a few sacrifices and mindful living we can restore our planet to a healthy and vibrant place. This is my wish.

The above is what I really wanted to make sure I shared – but below are some interesting ideas as well. This post will be evolving so please check back if you are into it, Thanks!

The earth has energetic grid lines that are closely related to sacred geometry and it is through these patterns that the grids move and intersect and believers of this theory believe that not only vortexes appear in the intersecting points but also that these points are like human acupuncture points where earth can release specific energies and possibly where we can commune with earths energies to find wisdom, healing and to also give healing.

Plato the great philosopher recognized grid patterns and theorized that Earth’s basic structure evolved from simple geometric shapes to more complex ones – scared geometry. Sacred geometry includes sacred universal patterns that are found in the design of everything in existence. This is also of interest – Plato associated each geometric shape with one of earth’s elements – it differs slightly from the 5-elements I have studied in Energy Medicine but it’s close! It’s so interesting to me how knowledge just downloads to people with the right vibration regardless of the where and when. Besides being a great philosopher I think he was intuitively connected to everything, to the collective consciousness.

Anyone who has traveled knows that different parts of earth hold different kinds of energy. I have known people to come into their power fully due to being in a specific place on earth or other aspects of themselves come out. I know this happens to me pretty much everywhere, within NYC / Manhattan I can feel the difference in energy from one neighborhood to the other. There is so much energetic diversity and some of it can be attributed to Ley Lines. This is when a certain area is marked with a specific energy due to man-made structures and / or energetic paths that we follow instinctually. This just shows how complex, alive and sensitive our planet is.

I would conclude by saying our planet, our great mother, is magnificent and gives us everything and we need to show our gratitude by loving and protecting her.

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