Crown Pull

Crown Pull Benefits:

  • Increased mental clarity, sharpens memory and clears negative and/or cluttered thoughts.
  • Opens the crown chakra and inspires creativity.
  • Can relieve a headache.

This is a basic Eden Energy Medicine tool that you can do anytime, anywhere. Gently place your hands on your forehead so that your fingers are facing each other. Begin to pull the skin toward your temples, smoothing out your forehead and begin to move upward until you reach your hairline. Then increase the pressure and drag your fingers apart, from the center of your head to the end of your hairline. Continue this all the way over the top of your head and down the back of your head ending on your neck. You might feel drawn to shake the energy off your hands after each “pull” – trust your intuition you can’t do it wrong.

The Crown Cleansing

After doing the basic crown pull I begin to use all five fingers on both hands to pull out what I don’t need. I spread my fingers apart on my head and drag them toward each other firmly until they meet in the middle. I imagine I am pulling out unneeded energy and then shaking it off. I state the intention, out load, “I am getting rid of everything I don’t need” or “I am letting go of all the head trips that I put on myself, or that I think others put on me”. Use your own words and you don’t have to say the same thing over and over, switch it up. Get specific, be non-specific or just get into the energy of what you are doing and enjoy this releasing exercise in silence just breathing deeply.

Do this over every part of your head for as long as you feel like it. It’s your body, your energy and you know exactly what is right for you.