Celtic Weave

Celtic Weave Benefits:

  • Weaves your auric field together
  • Encourages your energy to crossover
  • Weaves all your energy systems together
  • Integrates energy corrections you have already done
  • Is an effective self-protection tool

We want our energy crossing over…creating energetic symphony between all our energy systems and the world around us, the Celtic Weave is greatly helpful in the way! The traditional Eden Energy Medicine version is to take a few deep breaths as you bring the palms of your hand up to face each ear – about 3-6 inches out. Push elbows together, cross your arms over in front of you, creating an X shape and then swing arms out, fully extending arms. Then let your arms continuously cross over each other in a flowing manner, palms facing out as if you’re sweeping away anything you don’t need in your energy field. Keep doing this down your entire body making sure you have crossed over the neck, waist, hips and angles. Take a deep breath and roll your hands up your body like you are scooping up positive energy. Repeat 2-3 times.

You can also just raise your hands over your head and begin crossing over from there all the down to your feet and then make figure-8 with your arms back up your body. Dance with it, experiment and have fun with it.