Calming Your Flight or Fight Response

Sometimes being able to step back, take a breadth and calm down is the answer to most disagreements. Calming triple warmer will help you accomplish this. These are fantastic Eden Energy Medicine techniques.

Triple Warmer Soothers
Benefits: This is our fight or flight response system. Sedating it will reduce stress and anxiety. It perceives anything foreign as an invader it must fight against, for which it uses energy from other “non-essential” energy systems. It’s important to reprogram our Triple Warmer to not respond to certain things like chemicals, fear and even watching a violent TV show. Is deeply related to the strength of your spleen. Can become overactive if you are under too much pressure so sedating it is very important. The benefits to keeping it balanced are far too many to list here. Speak to me about it if you have questions.

The TW Smoothie
Place the palms of your hands on your temples and take a deep breath. Then, move both hands, palms down, around the ears, down the sides of your neck, onto your shoulders and hold. Take another deep breath, dig your fingers into your shoulders, drag across your shoulders and shake it off. Repeat three times. Do this whenever you feel stress or fear.

Trace TW meridian backwards
With your right palm, trace from your left temple, around your ear, down your neck, a slight dip below the shoulder and follow top of your arm towards and off your ring finger. Repeat with left hand on right side.