Balancing the Spleen / Triple Warmer

Triple Warmer/Spleen Balance Benefits:
• Calming
• Activates your radiant circuits
• Balances and regulates the triple warmer / spleen relationship
• Reduces stress and activates spleen
• Helps you maintain emotional balance
• Reduces feelings, and actions, of anger and frustration

In Eden Energy Medicine this is called Covering the Eyes. The triple warmer / spleen relationship is a cornerstone of Energy Medicine.

Place the palms of your hands over your eyes and take a deep breadth. With an inhale move both hands, palms down, to your temples and exhale. Move your hands around the ears with another inhale, and exhale as you move your hands around your ears and down the sides of your neck, onto your shoulders and hold. Take another deep breath, dig your fingers into your shoulders, drag across and off your shoulders. Place your hands below your chest and trace your hands down the center of your body, down the tops of your legs and off your feet. Give the sides of your feet a little squeeze. And fingure-8 up your body.