Balancing Male / Female Energy

Having a balanced Yin/Female and Yang/Male enables us to stay happy and healthy and gives us a sense of empowerment. This Chinese symbol is called Tai Chi, which means ultimate potentiality – or in T&T speak the balance of it allows us to see and achieve the limitless possibilities we have in our lives.

Yin Yang symbol
Yin Yang symbol

Really look at the Yin/Yang symbol – a bit of the white curves into the black and black into white, plus the dot of the other color within. This perfetly shows that although they are different energies they complemtent each other and are actually interdependant on each other so it’s balance is very important. It’s like a full circle of who we are so an imbalance between the two can be the source of many unneeded woes. Believe me I know!

When imbalanced our male and female selves aren’t talking – and they need to be in harmonious communication. They support each other – we need both. Speaking of energies communicating – making sure all our energies systems are communicating is essentcial to our health and happiness and we can ensure this with a great self-care technquie called Crossing Over, which is a great Eden Energy Medicine techique.

The following is a powerful visualization using the 8th and 9th chakras. We learnt this technque from a few different teachers and in different modalities all in slightly different ways, which is a signal to me that it’s highly effective. Some of the best self-care techniques have been taught through the ages with slight variations – it’s time tested, we love that!

This is our version to Balance Your Male/Female Energy:

Always begin any visualization with a few slow deep breathes in your nose and out your mouth. Tune inward and……

  1. Picture a silver ray, flowing up through your feet, into your body and filling your heart. It begins to move clockwise. Your 8th chakra is silver / female energy and sits below your feet.
  2. Picture a gold ray showering down through your head and down to your heart turning clockwise. Your 9th chakra is gold / male energy sits above your head.
  3. Visualize these two color energies swirling around each other harmoniously and as they swirl they begin to merge, still keeping their predominent male/female energies but now they are balanced and empowered within you. There is a give and take that is perfectly balanced.

Note: All our posts are always evolving as we add more information so if this post resonates with you check back once in a while to see if there’s anything new. Enjoy!