12 Hearts

12 Hearts Benefits:

  • Activates your radiant circuits – your pathways of joy and these pathways can send healing to wherever it is needed so it is great to do anytime, for anything. It also greatly supports your Auric Field.
  • Helps overcome depression and grief
  • Connects you to others and yourself
  • Helps you to integrate and process experiences

With your hands, palms facing your body you are going to trace heart shapes all over your body, repeating three times over each area. Start by tracing your face, from top of head to chin. Then trace a hearts from your neck to your hips. Then over the pelvic area and finally trace a hearts around your entire body – from top of head to feet. Four areas = 12 hearts but feel free to create these beautiful heart shapes anywhere on your body.

A deeper version of this is to send this radiant heart energy deep into yourself. Do the above but now you trace the hearts with your hands touching your body and at a slower pace. Set the intention these healing hearts are bringing you love and joy. Imagine the radiant heart and love energy is going down into the deepest parts of your energies and filling every cell in your body. Take your time with this version and really let yourself feel how happy your entire energy system is for the beautiful gift you are giving yourself.

Hearts Everywhere

Our body loves love, it loves hearts! Give yourself hearts wherever you need them. Take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed and ask your body to show or tell you where it needs a heart and then trace it over that area. If you are experiencing any health issues, such a thyroid imbalance – trace small hearts over your throat. Make hearts over the back of your head, just above your spine. Make hearts over your 6th or third eye chakra – this is an energy nervous system point and will send hearts all through your nervous system. I have found making hearts over your knees is very soothing – over any joint is very helpful because joints are easy access points for energy to be received and released. I like to trace hearts over all my organs for energy maintenance and I have found the chakras LOVE hearts! Trace hearts over each chakra and to connect the chakras for deep chakra radiance.

12 Hearts With A Loved One

Exchange tracing hearts!!!!! It’s so loving, beautiful and fun to do with other people and you can ask them to make hearts all over your back, it’s fantastic! Enjoy!

Toe Hearts & Humming

I was helping a friend with some severe toxins in the legs and I was working on drawing out the energy from the feet, through grounding so the earth could pull out the toxins, pain pumping for the pain but I also set the intent that I would be pumping out toxins, counter-clockwise motions, which pulls energy up to release, from a chakra clearing technique that can yruely be used anywhere you need heal something, and as we healers do I followed the energy. He had fallen asleep but his spirit came out to guide me, it was actually amazing! I was guided to make hearts over each toe as I hummed into them. I could feel a harmonic balance between the humming, hearts and his body – it felt beautiful! It was gently nurturing but powerful.